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Jack Roy (1958-2021)
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Jack Roy (1958-2021)

Instrumental in forming the Flying Fifteen Association of Ireland

Jack Roy (1958-2021) RIP.

Jack was many things to many people and indeed he wore many hats but to the Irish Flying Fifteen Class he was a huge influence both during his sailing days and long after during his race officiating where he was always keen to do Fifteen events and keep in touch with current people and developments both in Ireland and abroad.

Jack sailed with Mal Nolan from 1981 to 1993 when he sold his last Fifteen. He performed in several World Championships including Kinsale (1984) and Dublin (1992) before progressing to PRO for the World Championships in Dublin in 2003 and more recently in 2019 as well as assisting in New Zealand in 2005. His firmness and kindness made a good blend and competitors always felt comfortable in his presence.

Jack was instrumental in forming the Flying Fifteen Association of Ireland where he was able to do what it took to combine both the southern and northern fleets who up to that point sailed under BIFFA.

Jacks untimely death follows very soon after another of our stalwarts Gerry Donleavy who died in October. Both were members of the National Yacht Club and the club, the class and the sailing community will miss them both. Sail on Jack and Gerry! 

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