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Flying 15 International Boat Register

Documents and Rules/Boat Register
A full listing of past and present Flying Fifteens and their achievements

Boat Register

We have an extensive record of Flying Fifteens from their early days and you can access the various pages by clicking on the number range.

If you know that any entry is incorrect in any way please use the contact form and select Michael Clark (Hon. Secretary). 

The class has evolved over the years due to the generous  tolerances allowed in the original Uffa Fox drawing to assist home builders.

To enable all boats to race on an even basis the fleet is now divided into three divisions, namely:

  • Classic is defined all boats with sail numbers below 2700, but excluding boats which have had substantial hull shell modifications. In addition, unmodified boats with sail numbers above 2700 derived from genuine classic moulds, you can access  a definitive list of Classic Boats Here
  • Silver is defined as any boat with a sail number up to 3200 and not included in the Classic fleet.
  • Open is defined as any boat with a number above 3201


We record a boat's “successes”, but the owner must submit that information to the Chief Measurer, note we will only include World, International, European and National Championships. 

Please Click on the appropriate range to access information:

Boat Numbers 1 - 500

Boat Numbers 501 - 1000

Boat Numbers 1001 - 1500

Boat Numbers 1501 - 2000

Boat Numbers 2001 - 2500

Boat Numbers 2501 - 3000

Boat Numbers 3001 - 3500

Boat Numbers 3501 - 4000

Boat Numbers 4001 - 4500



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