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2024 Ballot

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2024 Ballot forms

2024 Ballot

You have received an email asking you to participate in the 2024 Rule Change Ballot.

The following proposed changes to the Constitution and Class Rules are recommended by the Technical Committee and approved by the FFI Council in a virtual meeting.

Please read this letter from the FFI Commodore as to why we are seeking these changes.

At the bottom of thsi page are the reasonings for the changes prepared by the Technical Committee.

Please  Complete YOUR Ballot Now by Clicking Here.

Closing Date for the ballot is 00:01 BST 8th July 2024

The Constitution allows only 1 vote per boat, even if there is more than one owner, similarly a member who has more than one boat is also only entitled to ONE vote.

Read Ballot Item 1

Read Ballot Item 2

Read Ballot Item 3A

Read Ballot Item 3B

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