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Day 3 European Championships - Another day of mixed results
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Day 3 European Championships - Another day of mixed results

General Recalls and a reminder of the Garda Iron Rule - "Go right young man!"

The day started off with more promise and as the fleet assembled for the start of the second day there was already a good breeze from the south and clear blue skies.


The first race (Race 4) took three attempts to get started as the enthusiasm of the sailors showed itself. The issue was resolved by adjusting the start line bias and hoisting the U flag. Various incidents occurred as the fleet approached the windward mark for the first time with boats overestimating their pointing ability or underestimating the northerly flow of the water. The first reach appeared less tight than on day 2, but the second reach was turning into a run. In continuation of the mixed results of day 2, the race was won by Ian Mathews/Keith Poole (IRL3864) with Steve Goacher/Tim Harper (GBR4021) and Hamish Mackay/Andrew Lawson (GBR4059) following them across the line.

Race 5 got away to a clean start and progressed with the usual quandary of exactly which line to take up the first beat. As usual those going closer to the cliffs on the right prevailed. The eventual winners were Hamish Mackay/Andrew Lawson (GBR4059), followed by Jon Gorringe/Steve Brown (GBR3922) and Charles and Charlie Apthorp (GBR3957).

Race 6 proved to be startling in the number of top class sailors who broke the golden rule mentioned in the title and went to the left side of the course on the first beat only to see the rule followers cross them 400 metres ahead on their run into the first windward mark, and gap most would never recover from. Amongst that pack were Charles Apthorp and Steve Goacher. The eventual winners having led around that first windward mark were Simon Kneller/Dave Lucas (GBR4024) with Alan Green and anonymous crew (IRL3970) and Bob Alexander/Huw Willetts (GBR3537) following them.


Hopefully dear reader you will have noticed by now that getting consistent results are a challenge at this regatta. With the weather forecast for Friday  being poor (heavy rain and thunderstorms) the race committee sought permission from the fleet to run 3 races again on Thursday to complete a 9 race series. No-one is assured of victory until "the fat lady sings".


Wednesday was also photo day and here is the link to those published to date.

Also the club now have the results available on the website.


Your foreign correspondent (and race 6 go lefter!)

Simon Thompson GBR4044

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