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Day 2 European Championships - wind at last!
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Day 2 European Championships - wind at last!

3 Races and exciting sailing

The forecast was for a much stronger "Ora" (southerly) wind than the failed attempt on Monday. The fleet left the harbour with the start of a breeze meaning no paddling required. As the boats reached the starting area it was a "both seats on deck" wind strength. 


The first race had to be restarted due to an over-exuberant fleet, but the second start went well and the wind faded, so back to crews sitting inboard. The fleet split into two with many potential winners going left whilst as many went right to the cliffs. Some chose the central route. The consensus seemed to be that the right paid off better than the left. It was then a long slow run back to the start but then the wind recovered and built further so that the triangle after the next beat gave some exciting reaching into the finish with Ian Cadwallader/Steve Graham (GBR4055) taking the line honours followed by Charles and Charlie Apthorp (GBR3957) and Ashley Smith/Kim Thrumpkin (HKG4004) from Royal Queensland YC.

Race 2 started in the same fresh breeze and the fleet got away on the first time of asking. This time more boats took the right hand course with those who persisted the longest appearing to come out the better at the windward mark. The run this time had greater wind pressure bringing the fleet the the leeward marks in a more compact form, with some challenging language being heard. The wind was continuing to rise through the next beat and the subsequent triangle was starting to become quite tight on the first half, but the second leg turned more into a run. The final leg to the finish was also now a tight reach with differing decisions as to flying the spinnaker or not. The new conditions brought different winners with Steve Goacher/Tim Harper (GBR4021) taking the win, followed by Hamish Mackay/Andrew Lawson (GBR4059) and Greg Wells/Andrew Jameson (GBR4030).

Race 3 enjoyed the same lively conditions but the wind had swung a little to the east giving an advantage to those who start at the Committee boat end and tacked early onto port tack. They saw the windward mark dead ahead, a situation which lasted for about two thirds of the beat until the leaders were headed off just in time for a useful tack onto starboard and the leg to the mark. A similar race to the second unfolded but again with different players at the front. The race ended with John Goringe/Steve Brown (GBR3922) taking line honours ahead of Dave Tabb/Chewey Sherrell (GBR4052) and Greg Wells/Andrew Jameson (GBR4030).

As the attached provisional results show there is no dominant team showing on day 2, but consistent good results will show benefits as the results of the top 3 overall display in the attached sheet.

Day 3 promises the same weather but the following days look more doubtful as Riva's strange summer weather seems destined to return.


Your foreign correspondent

Simon Thompson GBR4044


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