Flying Fifteen International

The Original Sportsboat

  Boat Number Builder Material Comments Measurement Date Name(s) Successes  
  GBR 3001 Naylor GRP   24-Aug-85 Haley’s Comet
 or Huffin n Puffin
  GBR 3002 Trenoweth GRP   27-Aug-85 Blue Ribbon
 or Archimedes Principle
  GBR 3003 Amos GRP   9-Sep-85 Romica
 or Harmony
 or Flirtatious
 or Flying Prof
  GBR 3004 Windebank GRP Mk IV 25-Sep-85 Ppanache
 or Old Dogs New Tricks
  GBR 3005 Windebank / K.J.Allen GRP   12-Sep-85 Limited Edition    
  GBR 3006 Windebank IV / Trenoweth Foam Sandwich   12-Oct-85 Commanche
 or Gofforit
  RSA 3007 Val Hendrie GRP W Mk IV 15-Nov-85 Ffury 2nd RSA ’86
2nd RSA ’88
2nd RSA ’92
2nd Natal ’97
3rd Classic Wlds'01
  RSA 3008 Val Hendrie GRP W Mk IV 23-Sep-86 Ffion 2nd RSA ’87
2nd RSA ’91
  RSA 3009 Val Hendrie GRP W Mk IV 08-Mar-86 Ffenominal 2nd Natal ’86
1st Natal ’87
1st Natal ’88
1st Natal ’89
1st RSA ’90
1st RSA ’91
2nd Natal ’91
1st RSA ’92
2nd RSA ’93
1st Natal ’93
1st Natal ’94
2nd Natal ’95
2nd RSA ’96
2nd RSA ’98
2nd Natal ’98
  HKG 3010 Windebank GRP/Wood W Mk IV
17-Aug-85 Roughgh Trade
 or Vengeance
1st HKG ’85
1st HKG ’86
1st HKG ’88
1st HKG ’89
1st HKG ’90
3rd HKG ’91
  HKG 3011 Windebank     26-Aug-85 JJ    
  HKG 3012 Windebank   W Mk IV
 or F’fly’f Knight Session
 or Fly d’night Session
 or Kurrawah
 or Sunday Session
  HKG 3013 Windebank       Just In Time    
  NZL 3014         Puffin Too    
  NZL 3015         Fizgig    
  NZL 3016 Amos GRP   Dec 1986 Yippee Kai Yay
 or Ruff
  NZL 3017         Magic Bus
 or Split Enz
  NZL 3018         Swaggie    
  NZL 3019         Gliding On    
  NZL 3020         Ffoosh    
  NZL 3021         Ffacile    
  NZL 3022         Fflyer    
  NZL 3023         Effingham Hall    
  GBR 3024 Trenowth GRP / Foam   6-Oct-85 Flouride    
  GBR 3025 Cleaver / Porter     5-Apr-86 Cunning Stunts
 or Dirty Deeds
 or X-Ray
3rd Scots ’86
3rd Scots ’88
  GBR 3026 Amos GRP   10-Jan-86 Raffles II GBR Owners Cup ’92
GBR Owners Cup ’93
GBR Owners Cup ’94
2nd FRA '01
  GBR 3027 Amos Kevlar / Carbon Fibre   9-Feb-86 One Off    
  GBR 3029 Amos Composite   24-Jan-86 Rollercoaster    
  GBR 3030 Windebank IV / Dobson Composite   25-Apr-86 Ffine Wine
 or Flip Flop
 or Ffreya
  GBR 3031 Wyche & Coppock V GRP   20-Jun-97 Wind Cheetah 3rd GBR Nthns Classic '04
1st GBR Sthns Classic '05
  GBR 3032 Wyche & Coppock V GRP   14-Feb-86 Cascade    
  GBR 3033 Windebank / Dobson / Cooper Composite   22-Mar-86 Free Oh    
  GBR 3034 Wyche & Coppock GRP   29-Apr-86      
  3035 Naylor GRP   23-May-90 Fric Frac    
  GBR 3036 Amos Composite   8-Mar-86 Silklike
 or Ffast Going Grey
  IRL 3037 Windebank       Strange Magic 1st IRL ’86  
  IRL 3038 Windebank       Whitewash
 or Y Mochin Dov
  GBR 3039 Naylor Composite   15-Mar-86 Born to Run 2nd Worlds Silver '15  
  GBR 3040 Dingwall GRP   26-Mar-86 My Miffy
 or Miffy
  GBR 3041 Trenoweth / Coryn Composite   30-Jul-86 Forrader 1st= IRL ’87
2nd GBR ’87
  GBR 3042 Windebank GRP Mk IV 5-Apr-86 Klipspringer III
 or Fifty Fifty
 or Conachair
 Fancy’s Flight
1st GBR Nthns ’87  
  IRL 3043 Racing Sailcraft GRP   12-Jun-86 Florence Fox    
  IRL 3044 Racing Sailcraft GRP   1-Aug-86 Fancy Full    
  GBR 3045 Naylor GRP   1-May-86 Aquarius    
  IRL 3046 Racing Sailcraft GRP Mk IV 1-Aug-86 Absolute Beginner 3rd Worlds Silver '15  
  GBR 3047 Amos GRP   1-May-86 Tamarind    
  GBR 3048 Naylor GRP / Foam   1-Jun-86 Ffootloose    
  GBR 3049 Windebank Composite Mk IV 19-May-86 Laffing Gas    
  CAN 3050 Copland            
  GBR 3051 Amos GRP   2-Jun-86 Bonzipp
 or Ffing Git
  AUS 3052 Amos GRP Mk IV 4-Oct-86 Ffoxy 3rd Wlds ’86  
  GBR 3053 Windebank/ Dobson /Storrar & Bax Composite   19-Jun-86 SpringBok II    
  HKG 3054 Windebank       Raz Hell
 or Gaffer
6th Wlds ’86  
  AUS 3055 Shand GRP Shandebank
24-Jul-86 Miss Behavin’
 or Cassandra
3rd Aus ’96  
  AUS 3056 Shand GRP Shandebank
12-Oct-86 Ffang
 or Bricklanding
 or Southern Star II
 or C’mon Feel the Noize
2nd WA ’92
 2nd WA ’95
  AUS 3057 Shand GRP Shandebank
28-Sep-86 Ffoenix 1st WA Silver '02  
  AUS 3058 Shand GRP Shandebank
22-Dec-86 Just Add Water 1st Aus ’88  
  AUS 3059   GRP Shandebank
21-Aug-86 Zest III
 or Ffark
 or Force Majeure
  AUS 3060 Shand GRP Shandebank
1-Nov-86 Flying High    
  AUS 3061 Windebank / Shand GRP Shandebank
26-Sep-86 Hottatrot 1st Aus ’87
 2nd Silver Interl '03
  AUS 3062 Shand GRP Shandebank
3-Oct-86 Tradesmans Entrance
 or Ffanciful
 or Good Thing
3rd Aus ’87
3rd Wlds ’88
  AUS 3063 Shand GRP Shandebank
9-Nov-86 Glamour Buoys
 or Glamour Puss
 or Cevantes
 or Stress Free Zone
2nd Aus ’91
2nd WA ’93
  AUS 3064 Shand GRP Shandebank
24-Oct-87 Streaker    
  GBR 3065 Amos       Free Oh    
  GBR 3066 Windebank GRP   4-Jul-86 Charity Pecksniff
 or Flying Swan
 Or White Knight
3rd FRA 2001  
  IRL 3067 Anglian Boats GRP   29-Jul-86 Uncle Fred    
  GBR 3068 Windebank/ Dobson/ Storrar & Bax Composite Mk IV 16-Jul-86 Orient Express 3rd GBR ’87
2nd GBR Nthns ’87
2nd Scots ’87
1st Scots ’88
  GBR 3069 Windebank GRP HKG
31-Jul-86 Muffin
 or Yin Yang or
4th Wlds ’86
2nd HKG ’91
3rdSilver Interl '05
  IRL 3070 Racing Sailcraft GRP Mk IV 1-Aug-86 Something Special    
  IRL 3071 Racing Sailcraft GRP Mk IV 2-Aug-86 Oh! Kay!
 or Slack Alice
  GBR 3072 Amos GRP   9-Aug-86 Athena    
  IRL 3073 Windebank GRP   31-Jul-86 Ffemme Ffatale
 or Wild Oats
3rd HKG ’97  
  GBR 3074 Naylor Composite Foam Sandwich   30-Aug-86 Ragamuffin    
  GBR 3075 Windebank / Raw Composite Mk IV 18-Sep-86 Mr Ffahrenheit 2nd GBR ’89  
  GBR 3076 Amos Composite   16-Sep-86 Fflumen
 or Faire Felde
  IRL 3077         Black Magic    
  GBR 3078 Windebank GRP   1-Oct-86 Bluebeard    
  GBR 3079 Windebank GRP First Mk V
12-Sep-86 Sniffer 2nd Wlds ’86
1st NZL ’86
  GBR 3080 Windebank GRP   11-Oct-86 Fflycatcher    
  GBR 3081 Windebank     1-May-87 Swordffish
 or Shy Talk
 or Unfinished Business
  GBR 3082 Naylor Composite   15-May-87 Duette
 or Also Ffor Ffun
  GBR 3083 Windebank GRP Windebank V 6-Nov-86 Instant Rinse    
  GBR 3084 McGeorge Carbon fibre – Kevlar / Composite W Mk IV 20-Dec-86 Black Velvet
 or Fionair
  NZL 3085   Composite     Ffat Lady    
  NZL 3086         Fiddlestix
 or Saoirse na mara
  NZL 3087         Iff
 or Ffair Enuff
1st NZL ’87
3rd NZL ’91
3rd NZL '05
  NZL 3088         First Offspring    
  NZL 3089         Niffty    
  NZL 3090         Ffantail    
  NZL 3091         Florin 6th Worlds '17
1st Worlds Silver '17
  NZL 3092         Femme Fatale
 or Fflam Buoyant
3rd NZL ’94
2nd Worlds  Slver '17
  NZL 3093         Ffast Fforeward 1s tNZL ’92  
  NZL 3094         Sofftly 1st NZL 2000  
  AUS 3095 Shand GRP Shandebank
22-Oct-86 Fiddle Dee Dee
 or Relience X
1st Aus ’91
1st WA ’92
1st WA ’93
2nd WA ’94
1st WA ’95
1st Aus ’95
  AUS 3096 Shand GRP Shandebank
4-Dec-86 Relience XI    
  AUS 3097 Shand GRP Shandebank
9-Nov-87 Whistler
 or Summit
 or Simpatico
 or Alzhiemers Express
3rd WA Silver '02  
  AUS 3098 Shand GRP Shandebank
12-Dec-87 Cunning Stunts
 or Running Jump
 or Running Free
3rd Wlds ’90
3rd Aus ’90
  AUS 3099 Gale & Rimmington GRP G&R Mould IV 22-Dec-87 Molly O    
  AUS 3100 Shand GRP Shandebank
12-Nov-88 The Boat Comes First
 or Dead Calm & Raining
  AUS 3101 Gale & Rimmington GRP G&R Mould IV 24-Dec-88 Corrangattack
 or Gorang
 or Flying Fox
 or John Henry
2nd Aus ’90
3rd Aus ’91
  AUS 3102 Cohen GRP/Timber Leader 1-Jan-89 Silly Galah    
  AUS 3103 Gale & Rimmington GRP G&R mould IV 1-Nov-88 Feelings
 or Brothers in Arms
 or F’nF
  AUS 3104         Fly By Night    
  GBR 3105 Naylor GRP   1-Mar-87 Fandangle    
  GBR 3106 Amos FRP Mk IV 22-Dec-86 Foxford
 or Grey Cloud
 or Fred
  GBR 3107 Windebank GRP   14-Feb-87 Leggiadro
 or Fat Fellas
  IRL 3108 Windebank/ Millar   Mk IV   The Real Thing
 or Canada Life
3rd IRL ’87
1st GBR ’88
1st IRL ’88
  IRL 3109 Anglian Boats            
  GBR 3110 Amos GRP   7-Jul-87 Ffly-D-Knight    
  GBR 3111 Windebank GRP Mk V   Ffirenza
 or Eagle
 or Fizz
  GBR 3112         Quinn The Eskimo    
  GBR 3113 Windebank     6-Nov-87 Flying High    
  GBR 3114 Amos FRP   23-Mar-87      
  3115         Dreamtime    
  IRL 3116         Ffozzy    
  GBR 3117 Windebank / Dingwall / Hume Composite Mk V 21-Feb-87 Paxo 1st FRA '00  
  NZL 3118 Windebank / Shonk GRP Mk IV 12-Jul-88 Comfortably Numb 6th Wlds ’88
2nd GBR Sthns '04
  GBR 3119 Frank Elderidge Association Wood / Epoxy / Glass   3-Jun-97 Flying Freame    
  GBR 3120 Naylor GRP   1-May-87 Riff Raff    
  GBR 3121 Windebank GRP Mk V 22-Mar-87 Moonlighting
 or Scotch & Wry
 or Ratcatcher
3rd Scots ’87  
  IRL 3122 Racing Sailcraft GRP   4-May-87 Gin & Tonic    
  IRL 3123 Racing Sailcraft GRP Mk IV 17-Jul-87 Vega Cinq    
  IRL 3124 Anglian Boats GRP   14-May-87      
  GBR 3125 Racing Sailcraft GRP   30-Apr-87 Blue Suede Shoes
 or Bleu comme une orange
  IRL 3126 Racing Sailcraft GRP   21-Jul-88 Faolean    
  GBR 3127 Windebank GRP   17-Apr-87 Ffracas
 or Time
  GBR 3128 Amos GRP   9-Apr-87 Fflash Harry    
  IRL 3129 Anglian Boats GRP   20-Jun-87 Apocalypse
 or Black Legend
  GBR 3130 Windebank / Dobson GRP   15-Jun-87 Anemone
Talk O’The Tyne
 or MacNess
1st Scots ’87
3rd GBR Nthns ’88
1st Scots ’89
1 GBR Nthn Silvers '12
  GBR 3131 Howlett / Dobson / Storrar Cedar / Epoxy   29-Jul-87 Slippery When Wet
 or Intensive Scare
 or Time
3rd Sthns ’88  
  GBR 3132 Dingwall EFS   24-Apr-87 Smeagol
 or Hallelujah
  GBR 3133 Amos GRP   13-Apr-87 Toff    
  GBR 3134 Porter Bros GRP   2-May-87 Allez Ffreres
 or Atalanta
  3135 Amos            
  GBR 3136 Windebank GRP   25-May-87 Utopia 2nd Scots ’88  
  GBR 3137 Windebank GRP   16-Jun-87 The Booby Trap
 or Ffinegans Wake
  3138 Windebank       Ffly-D-Knight    
  GBR 3139 Windebank / Dobson Composite   14-Oct-88 Iff Only
 or Ffully Ffocussed
2nd GBR Nthns Silver '04
1st GBR Scots Silver '04
2nd GBR Sthns Silver '05
  GBR 3140 Windebank GRP Windebank V Plug for Windebank IX? 4-Jun-87 Back Scuttler
 or Fantomas
2nd Wlds ’88
1st GBR Sthns ’88
1st GBR Nthns ’88
  GBR 3141 Amos GRP Windebank V 19-Jun-87 Norsaga
 or Mischief II
 or Ranger
 or Snuff
  GBR 3142 Windebank GRP   4-Jul-87 Banzal    
  GBR 3143 Amos GRP   24-Jul-87 Sylphide II    
  IRL 3144 Windebank GRP Mk IV 11-Jul-87 True Colours
 or Merry Dancer
  IRL 3145 Racing Sailcraft GRP Mk IV 20-Jul-87 Havoc 1st= IRL ’87  
  GBR 3146 Windebank GRP   30-Sep-87 Staffy
 or Sidecar
  NZL 3147         Wild Oats
 or Collibet
 or Pilgrim
  GBR 3148 Naylor Composite   25-Feb-88 Spitting Image
 or High Tension
  GBR 3149 Windebank GRP Mk V 26-Jul-87 French Flousie
 or Double Blue
3rd GBR ’89  
  GBR 3150 Porter Bros GRP Mk IV 27-Jul-87 No Sharks 1st GBR ’87  
  GBR 3151 Windebank GRP Mk V 4-Sep-87 Smoke Ffree    
  GBR 3152 Amos Kevlar / Carbon   7-Aug-87 Humffrey    
  GBR 3153 Amos GRP   1-Nov-87 Ffoenix    
  GBR 3154 Storrar & Bax / Dobson Composite Windebank IX ? 31-Jan-89 Pheer
 or Fe-Fo-III
 or Flash Gordon
 or Iff Ever
  GBR 3155 Amos FRP   20-Sep-87 Shonah    
  GBR 3156 Windebank GRP   11-Sep-87 Fever
 or Fingers
1st Worlds Silver '15  
  GBR 3157 Amos FRP   9-Sep-87 Cuffufle    
  GBR 3158 Naylor GRP   20-Sep-87 Yasumi
 or Ffubalub Said Bill 0r
  GBR 3159 Naylor Composite Windebank V 28-Feb-88 Femme Fatale
 or Offspring One
 or Facsimile
  GBR 3160 Amos GRP   28-Oct-87 Ffortune    
  GBR 3161 Amos     19-Apr-89 Traffalgar    
  GBR 3162 Amos Composite   28-Nov-87 Ffilagro
 or Ffrankel
  GBR 3163 R F Deban GRP/Foam Mk IV
6-Nov-87 Lesley Jane
 or Tequila
  GBR/FRA 3164 Windebank GRP   3-Jan-88 Another Ferret
 or No Way Ferret
 or Farfallino or Jamais Contente
2nd GBR Silver '04  
  NZL 3165 Wiigibank   Windebank V   Just Magic 1st Silver Inter '05  
  NZL 3166         Highland Fling
 or Ffreudian Sloop
  NZL 3167 Wiigibank   Windebank V   Different Priorities 1st NZL ’89
 2nd Silver Intern '05
  NZL 3168 Wiigibank   Windebank V   Fflash-eh 5th Wlds ’90  
  NZL 3169 Wiigibank   Windebank V   Skinfull 1st NZL ’88
2nd NZL ’94 3rd NZL '00
  NZL 3170         Joint Effort    
  NZL 3171     AUS   FFlagship    
  NZL 3172 Wiigibank   Windebank V   Furthermore 2nd Wlds ’90
1st NZL ’91
  NZL 3173         Ffanffare    
  NZL 3174         Smokey    
  GBR 3175 Windebank/ Dobson/ Storrar & Bax Composite Mk IV 4-Apr-88 Starlite Express 1st GBR Silver '02
1st Silver International '03
1st GBR Sthns Silver '03
1st GBR Inlands Silver '03
1st GBR Nthns Silver '04
1st GBR Sthns Silver '04
1st GBR Inlands Silver '04
3rd GBR Silver '05
2nd Europeans Silver '06
  GBR 3176 Amos     21-Dec-87 Breeze    
  GBR 3177 Trenoweth Composite   29-Apr-89 Saskia    
  GBR 3178 Windebank GRP   5-Feb-88 Ffatal Attraction    
  GBR 3179 Windebank GRP   26-Mar-88 Foxford
 or Renegade
  GBR 3180 Naylor GRP / Kevlar   14-Apr-88 Ffidler    
  GBR 3181 Amos / Parkin / Nicholls GRP   31-Jan-88 Satisffaction 5th Wlds ’88
2nd GBR Sthns ’88
2nd GBR Nthns ’88
1st GBR Sthns ’89
1st= GBR Nthns ’89
1st GBR Inlands ’90
  GBR 3182 Windebank GRP Windebank IX 15-Apr-88 Deejay
 or Ffishy Ffingers
 or Ufforia
 or Flatulent Fairy
1st Wlds ’88
3rd GBR Inlands ’95
3rd Europeans Silver '06
  GBR 3183 Amos FRP   13-Apr-88 Lucy    
  GBR 3184 Amos Composite   1-Mar-88 Ffirst Reaction    
  GBR 3185 Ovington GRP   24-Jul-88 Flya    
  GBR 3186 Windebank GRP   27-Feb-88 Try Again
 or Duty Ffree
2nd Scots ’89  
  GBR 3187 Windebank GRP   9-Mar-88 Fifteen Love
 or Arctic Fox
  GBR 3188 Amos GRP   9-Mar-88 Snow White
 or Floozie
  GBR 3189 Trenoweth GRP Foam Core   25-Apr-88 Rubicon
 or Couilles de Chien
  GBR 3190 Trenoweth Composite   25-Apr-88 Chiffon
 or Pure Ffluke
  GBR 3191 Naylor GRP   25-May-88 Dansel Force
 or Fortissimo 1
  IRL 3192 B.McKee Ireland Wood   15-May-91 Touch Wood 1st IRL ’97
3rd Silver Inter '03
1st GBR Silver '05
1st Euro Silver '06
1st GBR Silver '06
  GBR 3193 Trenoweth GRP   25-Apr-88 Saffron
 or Saffron Rose
  GBR 3194 Windebank / Storrar GRP   13-May-88 Billy Bones    
  IRL 3195         Ffrizzante
 or Jo Bob
  IRL 3196         Footless
 or Formula One
  IRL 3197         Hoff    
  3198         Gulffstream    
  IRL 3199 Racing Sailcraft GRP Mk IV 15-Oct-88 Air Apparent    
  IRL 3200 Racing Sailcraft Kevlar / comp Mk IV 29-Jun-88 Riffraff    
  IRL 3201 Racing Sailcraft Foam Sandwich   1-May-91 Special Kay
 or White Spirit
  IRL 3202 Racing Sailcraft   Mk IV 12-Jul-88 Sirius
 or Two Doks
  IRL 3203 Racing Sailcraft   Mk IV 12-Jul-88 Simply Red    
  IRL 3204         Footloose    
  RSA 3205 Val Hendrie GRP W Mk IV 15-Mar-88 Financial Fling 1st RSA ’87
1st RSA ’88
2nd Natal ’88
2nd Natal ’89
2nd Natal ’90
1st RSA ’96
1st Natal ’96
1st RSA ’97
1st Natal ’97
1st RSA ’98
1st Natal ’98
2nd Classic Wlds '01
  RSA 3206 Val Hendrie GRP W Mk IV 25-Nov-89 Foxfire 3rd RSA ’90  
  RSA 3207 Val Hendrie GRP W Mk IV 13-Nov-89 Fleur de Lis 2nd Natal ’93
1st Natal 2003
  GBR 3208 Windebank Composite Windebank IX 19-Apr-88 Dusty
 or Dusty III
 or Ffrisky
4th Wlds ’88
3rd GBR Inland Silver '05
  GBR 3209 Burgess / Gentle Wood   7-Sep-88 Gentle Maid    
  GBR 3210 Ovington / Dobson Composite Howlett 14-Jul-88 Raving Mad
 or F-fallback
2nd GBR ’88  
  GBR 3211 Amos   ESP 7-Apr-88 Affrayd Knot    
  GBR 3212 Windebank FRP HKG 30-Apr-88 Ffriction
 or Ffaux Pas
  GBR 3213 Windebank GRP   29-Jun-88 Ffilling in Time    
  GBR 3214 Windebank GRP Mk IX 29-Jun-88 Polly Garter    
  GBR 3215 Windebank GRP Mk IX 30-Jun-88 Laissez Ffaire
 or Ffascination
GBR Owners Cup ’96
2nd GBR ’97
GBR Owners Cup ’97
  GBR 3216 Windebank / Shonk? GRP W IX Hull
 W IV Deck
27-Jul-88 Fantastically Fit
 or Joyway
  GBR 3217 Racing Sailcraft / Dingwall Composite   13-Jul-88 Take No Prisoners 3rd GBR ’88
1s tGBR Nthns ’90
  GBR 3218 Amos FRP Windebank 19-Apr-88 Heartbeat    
  GBR 3219 Amos GRP   9-Feb-91 Heat Of The Moment
 or Ffantastic Mr Fox
  GBR 3220 Naylor GRP   24-Jul-88 In Action
 or Ffantom Fflyer
  GBR 3221 Racing Sailcraft GRP Mk IV 6-Dec-87 The Good, Bad and Ugly    
  GBR 3222 Naylor            
  HKG 3223 Windebank   AUS   Fancy Footwork
 or The Ffiddler
  GBR 3224 Windebank GRP AUS 29-Jul-88 Crucial Moment
 or Elementary
1st WA ’96  
  GBR 3225 Amos GRP Mk V 26-Aug-88 Affinity    
  GBR 3226 Windebank / Kirkpatrick GRP Mk IX 11-Mar-89 Graffter    
  GBR 3227 Ovington / Storrar / Bax GRP Mk IX 31-Mar-89 Bob’s Mate
 or Ffantasia
 or Cunning Stunt
 or Ffantasia II
3rd Scots ’90  
  GBR 3228 Ovington / Bax GRP Mk IX 14-Apr-89 Turning Grey
 or Ana Karenina
 or Fruitfly
2nd Scots ’90  
  GBR 3229 Ovington GRP Mk IX 14-Apr-89 Fflippant 2nd GBR Silver Nthns '05   
  GBR 3230 Shand GRP   12-Apr-89 Sunlight
 or Fe Fo Fi Fum
  GBR 3231 Ovington / Storrar & Bax FRP Mk IX 25-May-89 Reckless    
  GBR 3232 Morrison / Dobson Composite   28-Apr-89 Fflatus Symbol
 or The Wrong Trousers
  GBR 3233 Ovington / Storrar / Bax GRP Mk IX 4-May-89 Time Flies    
  GBR 3234 Ovington GRP Mk IX 31-Mar-89 Willy Wonka
 or Befor
1st GBR ’89
3rd GBR Nthns ’89
1st Wlds ’90
2nd GBR ’90
3rd GBR Nthns ’90
2nd IRL ’91
1st GBR ’93
  GBR 3235 P.A.S.S. GRP   1-Apr-89 R.U.Shore    
  GBR 3236 Shand GRP Shandebank
2-Apr-89 Asti 3rd GBR Sthns ’91  
  GBR 3237 Racing Sailcraft GRP ?   14-Apr-89 Duck Speed
 or Ffiredance
 or Pharlap
3rd Scots ’89  
  AUS 3238 Gale & Rimmington GRP G&R Mould IV 22-Dec-88 Fidelity    
  AUS 3239 Shand GRP Shandebank
Dec-88 Fifteen Carat    
  AUS 3240 Capital Fibreglass GRP Leader 1988 Windsong    
  AUS 3241 Shand GRP Shandebank
21-Dec-89 Summertime IV    
  AUS 3242 Shand GRP Shandebank
26-Nov-89 Isn’t It Amazing    
  NZL 3243 Shonk/ Gale & Rimmington GRP G&R Mould IV 21-Nov-89 Run Like Hell    
  AUS 3244 Gale & Rimmington GRP G&R Mould IV 17-Mar-89 The Final Cut
 or Ffantoccini
 or Absolutely Fabulous
  AUS 3245 Shand GRP Shandebank
  Turning Vehicle
 or Travelling Sailsman
  AUS 3246 Gale & Rimmington GRP G&R Mould IV 16-Jul-88 Matilda    
  AUS 3247 Shand GRP Shandebank
28-Oct-89 Mwera    
  IRL 3248 Racing Sailcraft   Mk IV   Ninja    
  IRL 3249 Racing Sailcraft Epoxy / GRP / Foam   3-Jul-89 Airforce II
 or Amadan
  IRL 3250 Racing Sailcraft Epoxy / GRP / Foam Mk IV 31-May-89 Ffifty Ffifty    
  RSA 3251 Val Hendrie GRP W Mk IV 09-Jan-89 Ffreckles 2nd Natal ’97  
  RSA 3252     unused        
  RSA 3253     unused        
  AUS 3254 Shand GRP Shandebank
1989 Soggy Sox 4th Wlds ’90  
  AUS 3255 Shand GRP Shandebank
1989 Owyagoin Mate    
  AUS 3256 Shand GRP Shandebank
28-Oct-89 Bondi Tram
 or Arffur Chance
 or Down Under
  AUS 3257 Shand GRP Shandebank
10-Dec-89 Relience
 or Think Big
 or Relience 60 over 5
1st Aus ’96  
  AUS 3258 Gale & Rimmington GRP G&R Mould IV 26-Nov-89 Savoire-Ffaire
 or Vol Au Vent
  AUS 3259 Gale & Rimmington GRP G&R Mould IV 22-Dec-89 Enthusiasm    
  AUS 3260 Shand GRP Shandebank
28-Sep-89 Ffoxy II    
  AUS 3261 Shand GRP Shandebank
Dec 1989 The Undertaker
or City Lights
  AUS 3262 Gale & Rimmington GRP G&R Mould IV 21-Dec-89 Foxy III
 or Fast Forward
  AUS 3263 Shand GRP Shandebank
28-Oct-89 Firefox III 3rd WA ’92  
  3264         Fun Factor    
  GBR 3265 Ovington FRP Mk IX 22-Apr-89 Money For Nothing 1st= GBR Nthns ’89
2nd GBR Sthns ’89
1st Scots ’90
2nd GBR Nthns ’90
2nd Scots ’95
2nd GBR Nthns ’96
2nd Scots ’96
2nd GBR Nthns ’97
  GBR 3266 Ovington / Storrar & Bax GRP   27-May-89 Dire Straits    
  GBR 3267 Ovington / Storrar & Bax FRP Mk IX 4-Jul-89 Luffad
 or Down to the Waterline
 or Knot Ffussed
 or Night Fflight
2nd GBR Inlands ’93
3rd Scots ’97
  GBR 3268 Ovington / Storrar & Bax FRP Mk IX 27-May-89 Silkworm    
  GBR 3269 Ovington / Dobson Composite Mk IX 18-Jul-89 Mystique    
  GBR 3270 Shand GRP   5-Sep-89 Wizard of Oz    
  GBR 3271 Windebank / Dingwall Composite Mk V 19-May-89 Fourwinds 1st GBR ’90
5th Wlds ’92
2nd GBR ’92
1st GBR ’94
2nd GBR ’96
3rd GBR Nthns ’96
3rd GBR Inlands ’96
GBR Owners Cup 2000
3rd Silver GBR Nthns '06
1st Silver GBR Sthns '06
  GBR 3272 Windebank GRP / Foam Mk X 5-May-89 Habanera
 or March Hare
  GBR 3273 Ovington / Storrar & Bax FRP Mk IX 16-Jun-89 Mad Jack McMad
 or Cardoffia
  IRL 3274 Anglian Boats Foam / GRP Mk IV 13-May-89 Going Grey
 or Gullivers Travels
  IRL 3275     Mk IX   Mind Over Matter
 or Tsunami
1stIRL ’90  
  IRL 3276         Fflusie    
  GBR 3277 Windebank FRP Mk X 15-Jun-89 Philibuster
 or Ffisti-Cuffs
  GBR 3278 Windebank     12-Jul-89 Mirage    
  GBR 3279 Ovington / Storrar & Bax FRP Mk IX 11-Jun-89 Pheer
 or Feel Good Factor
  GBR 3280 Trenoweth Composite
 GBR / France
  17-Jul-89 Ffiddler
 or Ffliskie
  GBR 3281 Ovington / Storrar & Bax FRP Mk IX 3-May-90 Mr Sponge 2nd GBR Inlands Silver '05  
  GBR 3282 Windebank GRP Mk X 1-Jul-89 Crucial Moment
 or In Deo Spes
 or Screaming Organism
  GBR 3283 Windebank GRP Mk X 13-Jul-89 Conffusion    
  GBR 3284 Windebank / Watson GRP Mk IX 24-Aug-89 Beat Route
 or Nicolette
3rd GBR Inlands ’90  
  GBR 3285 Ovington / Dobson Composite Mk IX 20-Sep-89 Leeding Edge
 or Fuego
  GBR 3286 Ovington / Storrar & Bax FRP Mk IX 26-Jan-90 Puff The Tragic Wagon
 or Doroffee
 or Ffluid Dynamics
  IRL 3287 Racing Sailcraft GRP / Foam   20-Jun-89 Lethal Weapon 3rd GBR Sthns ’89
1st IRL ’89
  GBR 3288 Ovington / Storrar & Bax FRP Mk IX 29-Sep-89 Sybil
 or Affore the Week
2nd GBR Sthns ’90
2nd GBR ’91
2nd GBR Sthns ’91
  GBR 3289 Ovington / Storrar & Bax FRP Mk IX 14-Apr-90 Uxoris
 or Flight of Fancy
  GBR 3290 Amos GRP   2-Oct-88 Icy Calm
 or Flying Ffulford
  GBR 3291 Windebank / Ashdown GRP   20-Mar-94 Festinare    
  GBR 3292 Ovington / Storrar & Bax FRP Mk IX 6-Dec-89 Funny Face 1st Wlds ’92
1st GBR Sthns ’93
1st GBR Nthns ’93
  GBR 3293 Millar/Protec Marine Composite   26-Feb-90 Fighting Machine 2nd Scots 91
2nd Scots 92
3rd=  Scots ’94
4th Wlds ’95
1st GBR Inlands Silver '05
  GBR 3294 Amos Hitech GRP   1-Dec-89 Uffordable
 or Fforemark Two
  GBR 3295 Ovington / Storrar & Bax FRP Mk IX 21-Jun-90 Plump Chicken
 or Flying Fireball
  GBR 3296 Ovington / Dobson / Storrar & Bax Composite Mk IX 10-Apr-90
 or Ffoil
GBR Owners Cup ’98
GBR Owners Cup ’99
GBR Owners Cup '01
GBR Owners Cup '02
  GBR 3297 Amos GRP   28-Nov-89 Walkers Poppet
 or Beholder
  NZL 3298         Intollerance    
  NZL 3299         Fifty Fifty    
  NZL 3300         Whaka Te Wheino    
  NZL 3301         No Pain No Gain    
  NZL 3302         Shot In The Dark
 or Alffee
1st NZL ’90
 2nd NZL ’91
  IRL 3303 Millarbank Epoxy / GRP / Foam   28-Sep-89 Licence To Kill
 or Absolutely
  HKG 3304 Shand GRP Shandebank
28-Dec-89 Eff Off
 or Ffarnarkling
  HKG 3305 Shand GRP Shandebank
20-Nov-89 Ffree Ffree O Fiffe
 or Ffaint ‘Arted
 or Ffor Ffun
1st HKG ’91
1st HKG ’92
1st HKG ’93
1st HKG ’96
2nd HKG ’97
  AUS 3306 Shand GRP Shandebank
20-Dec-89 Ffenominal    
  AUS 3307 Shand GRP Shandebank
31-Oct-90 Flying Boat    
  AUS 3308 Gale & Rimmington GRP G&R Mould IV 22-Dec-90 Tuffa Gruffa
 or Clockwork VII
 or Ffirsty
1st Aus ’90  
  AUS 3309 Gale & Rimmington GRP G&R Mould IV 15-Jan-91 Clockwork V11    
  AUS 3310 Gale & Rimmington GRP G&R Mould IV
30-Apr-92 Duffa
 or Banoffi
  AUS 3311 Shand GRP Shandebank
December 91 Reliance 60 over 5 + 1
 or Jungle Book
 or Lean Enuff
 or Jenny Sue
 or Brumby
  AUS 3312 Shand GRP Shandebank
21-Dec-91 Clapped Out Toy Boy 2nd Aus ’96  
  AUS 3313 Gale & Rimmington GRP G&R Mould IV 23-Feb-91 Ruffia Gruffia
 or Deep Trout
2nd Wlds ’92
1st IRL ’92
5th Wlds ’94
2nd Aus ’95
  AUS 3314 Gale & Rimmington GRP G&R Mould IV 7-Jul-92 The Other Woman    
  GBR 3316 Porter Bros GRP Mk X 1-Apr-90      
  GBR 3317 Shand GRP Shandebank
24-Apr-90 Ffronffari
 or Luff Off
  GBR 3319 Ovington / Dobson / Storrar & Bax Composite Mk IX 14-Apr-90 Notimagin    
  GBR 3320 Ovington / Storrar & Bax GRP Mk IX 12-Mar-90 Pizzaz    
  GBR 3321 Amos GRP   22-Apr-90 Ffor Joy
 or Blood Sweat & Beers
 or Frisson
  GBR 3322 Porter Bros GRP Mk IX 1-Sep-90 Faux Pas
 or Ffreddie Q
3rdGBR Silver Sthns 2005  
  GBR 3323 Naylor GRP   10-May-90 Hero Turtle
 or Nymph
  GBR 3324 Windebank GRP   1-Jul-90 Elusive 3rd GBR Sthns ’90
1st GBR Nthns ’91
  GBR 3325 Windebank / Hardisty GRP Mk X 17-Apr-90 Sometime Soon 2nd GBR Inlands ’90  
  GBR 3326 Amos Hi-Tech / Nicholls Carbon / GRP   1-Apr-90 Magic Affair    
  GBR 3327 Windebank FRP Mk X 19-Apr-90 Ticket to Oz
 or Shiela
  GBR 3328 Ovington / Storrar & Bax FRP Mk IX 18-May-90 Magic Imp
 or Ffreebooter
  FRA 3329 Shandbank GRP / Wood   8-Apr-90 Farfeliou or
 Chariots Offiah or Frae Under
  GBR 3330 Shand GRP   8-Apr-90 Fair Dinkum    
  GBR 3331 Ovington / Storrar & Bax FRP Mk IX 11-Apr-90 All or Nothing    
  GBR 3332 Ovington / Storrar & Bax FRP Mk IX 14-May-90 Fflyer II
 or Skippy
  GBR 3333 R.L.Smith GRP Mk V 25-Jun-90 Goodwill III
 or My Fantasy
  GBR 3334 Benedict Composite Benedict’s own boat 20-Apr-90 Miffy
 or Miffy Mouse
3rd GBR ’90
1st GBR Sthns ’90
1st GBR Inlands ’91
  GBR 3335 Windebank GRP Foam Mk X 19-Jun-90 Fever
 or Feverfew
  GBR 3336 Racing Sailcraft Epoxy foam sandwich Sapele deck Mk IV 17-May-90 Love At First Feel    
  IRL 3337 Racing Sailcraft GRP   16-Jul-90 Scandal 2nd IRL ’95  
  GBR 3339 Ovington / Storrar & Bax FRP Mk IX 24-Jun-92 First Love    
  IRL 3340 Racing Sailcraft GRP   15-Jul-90 Kay Sera Sera
 or Tooahs
 or Flamingawingo
  GBR 3341 Ovington / Dobson / Storrar Composite Howlett 3 18-Jul-91 Charlie Bucket
 or Shooting Star
1st GBR ’91
 3rd IRL ’91
  GBR 3342 Amos FRP   29-Aug-90 Ffancy Ffootwork    
  IRL 3344 Ovington / Storrar & Bax FRP Mk IX 12-Jun-90 So    
  GBR 3345         Fantasy    
  GBR 3346 Greville GRP Foam   5-Sep-90 Rhythmn & Blues    
  GBR 3347 Ovington / Dobson / Storrar & Bax Composite   14-Feb-91 Panda 2nd GBR Scottish '05
1st GBR Silver Scot '05
  GBR 3348 Amos Hitech Carbon Frames   3-Mar-91 Daffodil
 or One Off
  IRL 3349 Millar GRP   26-Jul-96 Voo Doo Chile
 or Lager Lout
  GBR 3350 Ovington FRP Mk IX 13-Jul-90 Ffrom Wayback
 or Technology
  GBR 3351 Ovington GRP Mk IX 30-May-90 Barney Rubble
 or Mischief
  IRL 3352 Ovington FRP Mk IX   Ffreudian Slip
 or Flying Free
  GBR 3353 Smith GRP Mk X 21-Feb-91 Biteman    
  GBR 3354 Amos            
  GBR 3355 Amos GRP   29-Mar-91 Ffortysomeffink    
  3356 Amos            
  GBR 3357 Amos GRP   4-Jun-91 Feel Free Too    
  GBR 3358 Windebank GRP Foam   24-Mar-91 Orca    
  GBR 3359 Ovington / Storrar & Bax FRP Mk IX 26-Jan-91 Just Making a Living    
  GBR 3360 Ovington / Storrar & Bax FRP Mk IX 21-Mar-91 Quicksilver    
  GBR 3361 Ovington FRP Mk IX 16-Mar-91 Ffritillary
 or Huckster
 or Hunky Dory
  GBR 3362 Ovington / Hayhurst Composite Mk IX 14-May-91 Iffor the Engine 2nd Silver GBR '06
2nd Silver GBR Nthns '06
  GBR 3363 Ovington / Storrar FRP Mk IX 25-Mar-91 Cute Affair
 or Ffine Gold
  GBR 3364 Ovington / Storrar FRP Mk IX
27-Sep-91 Clapped Out Toy Boy
 or Fifi
2nd GBR Nthns ’93  
  GBR 3365 Windebank GRP   13-Apr-91 Deejay    
  GBR 3366 Ovington / Storrar FRP Mk IX 16-Apr-91 Sa Sair Ffecht 2nd GBR Scots ’94  
  NZL 3367         Ruff Tuff Cream Puff    
  NZL 3368         Michelle    
  NZL 3369         Ffaux Pas    
  NZL 3370         Ffinisterre    
  NZL 3371 Marten Marine   Mk V   Whiffler 1st NZL ’93
1st Wlds ’94
1st NZL ’94
3rd Wlds ’95
2nd NZL ’97
1st NZL ’98
  GBR 3372 Ovington / Storrar & Bax FRP Mk IX 21-Mar-91 Fin Barr    
  GBR 3373 Ovington / Storrar & Bax FRP Mk IX 31-Mar-91 Twinkie
 or The Flying Duckman
  GBR 3374 Ovington / Storrar & Bax FRP Mk IX 2-May-91 Geoff
 or Fizgig
1st Silver GBR Sthns '05  
  GBR 3375 Windebank / Marsden Composite Mk X 21-May-91 Perffick 3rd GBR Nthns ’91
1st Scots ’91
  GBR 3376 Windebank GRP / Foam Mk X
26-Mar-91 Fredbare    
  GBR 3377 Windebank GRP Mk X 12-Jul-91 Ph Phantom    
  GBR 3378 Windebank FRP Mk IX 15-Jul-92 Ffrantic III    
  GBR 3379 Windebank GRP   15-Apr-91 Fritilary    
  GBR 3380 Naylor GRP / Foam   25-Feb-91 Affretando    
  GBR 3381 Windebank / Neville Elliott GRP Mk X 28-Apr-91 Dignity
 or Hot Stuff
 The Slayer
1st Silver GBR Nthns '05
3rd Silver GBR '06
1st Silver GBR Nthns '06
  IRL 3382         No Regrets    
  IRL 3383 Ovington FRP Mk IX   Slipper 1
 or Frizy Mitzy
 or Fflummux’d
  GBR 3384 Ovington / Storrar FRP Mk IX 10-Aug-91 Let’s Cruise    
  GBR 3385 Ovington / Storrar FRP Mk IX 12-Jul-91 Fflight of Ffancy    
  IRL 3386         Simply ffRed    
  IRL 3387 Ovington FRP Mk IX   Ffreeranger    
  GBR 3388 Dingwall Epoxy / Wood Benedict
15-Mar-91 Obsession    
  GBR 3389 Windebank GRP / Foam   27-Mar-91 Stingray
 or Good Moaning
  GBR 3390 Ovington / Storrar FRP Mk IX 19-Apr-91      
  GBR 3391 Greville Epoxy Benedict 19-Jun-91 Ffirst Luff
 or Steamboat Willie
  GBR 3392 Lakeland Sailing Centre Composite   6-Jun-91 Twiki
 or Whisper III
1s tGBR Sthns ’91  
  GBR 3393 Benedict / Dingwall Composite Benedict 5-Jun-91 Ffashion Victim
 or First Footer
 or Ffifty-Ffifty
3rd GBR ’91
2nd GBR Nthns ’91
4th Wlds ’92
1st GBR ’92
1st GBR Nthns ’92
1st GBR Inlands ’92
1st NZL ’94
4th Wlds ’94
  IRL 3394 B.McKee GRP / Epoxy / Foam   12-Jul-92 Z-Stoff
 or Sunrise
  IRL 3395         Old Fflame    
  IRL 3396 Windebank / Donleavy GRP Mk X 23-Jul-92 Olive Oyl 3rd IRL ’95  
  GBR 3397 Windebank GRP Mk X 25-May-91 User Friendly    
  GBR 3398 Ovington / Storrar FRP Mk IX 17-Jul-92 Fflo    
  GBR 3399 Ovington FRP Mk IX 30-Jul-91 Feelgood Factor
 or North Star
 or Mister Moose
 or Eagle
  GBR 3400 Ovington / Windebank FRP Mk IX 20-Jul-91 Footloose
 or Krypton
 or Pussyffoot
  GBR 3401 Windebank GRP   14-Aug-91 Magic    
  GBR 3402 Windebank GRP Mk X 14-Sep-91 Ffillis String
 or Off the Beach
  GBR 3403 Ovington / Storrar FRP Mk IX 5-Dec-91 Stork or Angharad III
 Y Wylan Wen
  GBR 3404 Ovington / Storrar FRP Mk IX 1-Jan-92 Bankrupt Again    
  GBR 3405 Ovington FRP Mk IX 11-Dec-91 Zephyr
 or Zephy II
  GBR 3406 Windebank GRP Mk VIII 11-Aug-93 Zorba
 or Zorba The Greek
  IRL 3407 Ovington / Storrar FRP Mk IX 22-Aug-91 Final Fling
 or Final Folly
  IRL 3408         The Terminator    
  GBR 3409 Ovington / Storrar FRP Mk IX 1-Jun-92 Silver Bird    
  GBR 3410 R.L.Smith GRP / Foam Sandwich Mk V 15-May-92 Its Magic    
  GBR 3411 Corby Carbon Fibre Mk IX 30-Apr-92 Masquerade    
  GBR 3412 Porter Bros GRP / Foam   11-Jun-92 Lady Flyer    
  GBR 3413 Windebank / T.Hammick / Porter Composite   6-May-92 TFI Friday
 or Mini The Moocher
 or Basillica
 or Fistful of Favours
  GBR 3414 Ovington FRP Mk IX 15-Apr-92 Filial Pressure
 or Glint of Steel
  GBR 3415 Ovington/ Pinnell & Bax FRP Mk IX
22-Mar-92 Childs Play
 or French Fries
 or Uffa Fox Ache
 or Ffox and Hounds
1st GBR Sthns ’92
3rd HKG ’93
  GBR 3416 Amos GRP Mk9 10-Apr-92 The Artfful Dodger    
  GBR 3417 Greville / Benedict Carbon / GRP Benedict 24-Apr-92 Bertie Wooster 3rd GBR ’92
2nd GBR Inlands ’92
  GBR 3418 Ovington FRP Mk IX 15-Apr-92 No Illusions    
  GBR 3420 Ovington FRP Mk IX
22-May-92 Heaven Sent 3rd GBR Sthns ’94  
  GBR 3421 Ovington FRP Mk IX 1-May-92 Holy F
 or Fluent
 or It Pays To Advertise
 or Rooster
 or Donkeytastic
3rd Wlds ’92
1st Scots ’92
3rd GBR Inlands ’92
2nd GBR ’93
3rd GBR Nthns ’93
1st Scots ’93
1st Scots ’94
1st GBR Nthns ’94
 2nd GBR Inlands ’94
  GBR 3422 Windebank GRP Mk VIII 11-Aug-92 Effervescence III
 or The Flying Paddys
  GBR 3423 Windebank GRP   4-May-92 Ffraternize    
  GBR 3424 Rowsell / Morrison Wood   2-Jun-92 Dances With Fish
 or Foxy Fifteen
  GBR 3425 Ovington FRP Mk IX 7-May-92 Moll Flanders
 or Basillica
 or Big Ted
6th Wlds ’97  
  GBR 3426 Windebank FRP Mk VIII 6-Jun-92 Puffin 1st GBR ’95  
  GBR 3427 Windebank GRP   12-Jun-92 Effortless
 or Henrietta
  GBR 3428 Ovington / Dobson Composite Mk IX 15-Jul-92 Heaven Can Wait    
  GBR 3429 Ovington FRP Mk IX 1-Jul-92 No FF Excuses
 or Signet
 or Cygnet
GBR Owners Cup 2003  
  IRL 3430 Millarbank       Absolutely
 or Nu Form
1stIRL ’93
 3rd IRL '00
  IRL 3431 Millarbank       Zimmer 1st IRL ’96  
  GBR 3432 Ovington FRP Mk IX
26-Sep-92 Ffortitude
 or Speedy Gonzales
  GBR 3433 Windebank GRP   14-Jul-92 Ffroggy    
  GBR 3434 Greville / Benedict Carbon / GRP Benedict 6-Aug-92 Kato
 or Carbon Copy
  GBR 3435 Storrar / Dobson Carbon / GRP   3-Aug-92 And Now With Wings    
  GBR 3437 Rowlands & Naylor FRP   22-Nov-92 Art Attack    
  GBR 3438 J.Hayhurst / Greville / Bendict Epoxy / Sapele Benedict 10-Dec-92 Fanfare
 or Phoebe
  GBR 3439 Ovington/ Pinnell & Bax FRP Mk IX 24-Jan-93 Fflippant II    
  GBR 3440 Ovington Pinnell & Bax FRP Mk IX 24-Jan-93 Heartbeat
 or Ashambe
  GBR 3441 Windebank GRP   26-Feb-93 Fun Fair    
  AUS 3442 Gale & Rimmington GRP G&R Mould IV 20-Dec-92 Anuffa Duffa
 or Lean and Mean
  AUS 3443 Gale & Rimmington GRP G&R Mould IV 22-Dec-92 Glamour Puss 1st Aus ’92  
  AUS 3444 Shand GRP Shandebank
23-Dec-92 Brilliant In Patches    
  GBR 3445 Windebank/ Dingwall GRP Mk VIII 31-Jan-93 Four Winds II
 or Felix The Cat
 or Efelix
 or Rí Rá
1st GBR Inlands ’93
 2nd GBR Sthns ’93
  GBR 3446 Windebank/ H.Simpson GRP / Foam Mk IX 2-Apr-93 Ffiddler    
  GBR 3447 Ovington / Dobson/ Storrar Composite Mk IX 13-May-93 Fat Controller    
  GBR 3448 R L Smith GRP Mk V 27-Mar-93 Mystified 2nd GBR Sthns ’94  
  GBR 3449 Ovington / Tait GRP   28-Mar-93 Grebe
 or Fast Forward
  GBR 3450 Greville Carbon / Epoxy Benedict
26-Jun-93 Finger Lickin    
  GBR 3451 Ovington FRP Mk IX 20-May-93 Pipperoo Too
 or This Time
3rd= Scots ’94
 3rd Scots ’95
  GBR 3453 Ovington ‘Smoothy’/ Pinnell & Bax FRP Mk IX 12-Jun-93 Hoggle 3rd GBR ’93
3rd GBR Sthns ’93
3rd GBR Inlands ’93
6th Wlds ’94
2nd GBR ’94
2nd GBR Nthns ’94
1st GBR Nthns ’95
1st GBR Sthns ’95
2nd GBR Sthns ’96
1st GBR Inlands ’97
  GBR 3454 Ovington FRP Mk IX 26-Feb-93 Freyja
 or The Flying Duckman
3rd GBR Nthns ’94  
  AUS 3455 Gale & Rimmington GRP G&R Mould IV 21-Mar-93 Wave Dancer
 or Watches of Switzerland
 or Fifty/Fifty
1st Aus ’99  
  IRL 3456 B.McKee GRP   24-Feb-93 Old Fflame    
  IRL 3457 Miller GRP   27-Jul-93 Takin it Easy    
  GBR 3463 Ovington GRP   15-Jun-93 Ffreebooter II
 or Hey Jude
 or Neutron Storm
  GBR 3464 Ovington ‘Smoothy’/ Pinnell & Bax FRP Mk IX 11-Jun-93 Raving Mad
 or Freda
  GBR 3465 Ovington ‘Smoothy’/ Pinnell & Bax FRP Mk IX 27-Jun-93 Funny Feeling 2nd NZL ’94
3rd Wlds ’94
3rd GBR ’94
1st GBR Inlands ’94
1st GBR Sthns ’94
5th Wlds ’95
2nd GBR Sthns ’95
2nd GBR Inlands ’95
1st= GBR Inlands ’96
1st GBR Sthns ’97
  GBR 3466 R.L.Smith GRP Mk V 5-Aug-93 Hottatrotta    
  GBR 3467 Ovington ‘Smoothy’/ Pinnell & Bax FRP Mk IX 1-Jul-93 Forgetmenot
 or Fisticuffs
  HKG 3468 Ovington ‘Smoothy’/ Pinnell & Bax FRP Mk IX 25-Jul-93 Ffirecracker 2nd HKG ’93
1st HKG ’95
2nd HKG '00
  HKG 3469 Ovington ‘Smoothy’/ Pinnell & Bax FRP Mk IX 25-Jul-93 Frantic Forties    
  GBR 3470 Ovington ‘Smoothy’ FRP Mk IX 3-Jul-93 Luff Too
 or Fever
 or Where do we go from here
  ESP 3471         Kiss
 or Triffid
  GBR 3472 Windebank GRP   21-Aug-93 Off in a Huff    
  GBR 3473 Ovington ‘Smoothy’/ Pinnell & Bax FRP Mk IX 10-Aug-93 Fandangle    
  GBR 3474 Greville Carbon / Epoxy Benedict 17-Aug-93      
  HKG 3475 Ovington ‘Smoothy’ FRP Mk IX Oct-1993 Tomffoolery
 or Ffolly or
 Enuff Rope
1st HKG ’94  
  HKG 3476 Ovington ‘Smoothy’ FRP Mk IX 01-Oct-1993 Ffantasia    
  GBR 3477 Ovington ‘Smoothy’ FRP Mk IX 28-Feb-94 Flowers for Zoe
 or Ffestina Lente
  GBR 3478 Coryn GRP Sandwich   16-Jun-94 Avalon    
  GBR 3479 Ovington ‘Smoothy’ FRP Mk IX 6-Jul-94 Storm Crusader
 or Strega
 or Y Mochin Du
  AUS 3480 Gale & Rimmington GRP G&R Mould IV 11-Sep-93 The Phantom 3rd Aus ’95  
  NZL 3481 Stuart Happ Kevlar/Carbon/Multi-density foam Mk VIII Dec-93 Pretty In Pink 2nd Wlds ’94  
  GBR 3482 Windebank FRP Mk IX 30-Apr-96 Apple Charlotte
 or Her Outdoors
  GBR 3483 Avon Marine/ Amos GRP   10-Dec-94 Dinky Toy    
  GBR 3484 Ovington ‘Smoothy’ FRP Mk IX 14-Mar-94 Jim Jam 3rd Scots ’96
3rd GBR Nthns ’97
  GBR 3485 Ovington ‘Smoothy’/ D McKee FRP Mk IX 12-Mar-94 No Half Measures 3rd GBR Inlands ’94
3rd Wlds ’97
3rd GBR Inlands ’97
  GBR 3486 Windebank Hammick GRP Mk IX 9-Apr-94 Mood Indigo    
  GBR 3487 Ovington ‘Smoothy’/ Dingwall FRP Mk IX 15-Jun-94 Miffystoffeles    
  AUS 3488 Shand Kevlar/Foam Shandebank
21-Nov-93 Patches of Brilliance
 or Ffenian
  AUS 3489 Shand GRP Shandebank
11-Dec-93 Exothermic    
  GBR 3490 Ovington ‘Smoothy’ FRP Mk IX 30-Apr-94 Technology for Life    
  AUS 3491 Shand GRP Shandebank
3-Jan-95 Snow Goose    
  AUS 3492 Shand GRP Shandebank
May 1994 Wings
 or Swinger
  AUS 3493 Sailpower GRP Mould X Mk I 5-Apr-95 Glamourous
 or UDS
 or Lono or
 Full Back
1st WA ’94  
  AUS 3494 Shand GRP Shandebank
18-Dec-94 Catch Me Iff You Can    
  IRL 3495         Ffang    
  GBR 3496 Ovington ‘Smoothy’ FRP Mk IX 30-Apr-94 Ffreedom
 or Peggy Sue
2nd Scot ’97  
  GBR 3497 Ovington ‘Smoothy’/ Pinnell & Bax FRP Mk IX 27-Apr-94 Tew Tew Train    
  GBR 3498 Ovington ‘Smoothy’/ Pinnell & Bax FRP Mk IX 10-May-94 Fifteen Love    
  GBR 3499 Ovington ‘Smoothy’ FRP Mk IX 14-Jun-94 Mr.Toad    
  HKG 3500 Ovington ‘Smoothy’/ Pinnell & Bax FRP Mk IX   Ffatal Attraction    

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