Flying Fifteen International

The Original Sportsboat

  Boat Number Builder Material Comments Measurement Date Name(s) Successes  
  GBR 2501 Wyche & Coppock     6-Nov-79 Shadow Ffax    
  GBR 2502 Wyche & Coppock     12-Nov-79 Valerie
 or Ffemto
 or Arcomet
 or Luff Joy
 or Holy F/fluent
 or Whicheffer
  GBR 2503 Wyche & Coppock GRP   15-May-80 Fforge Mill
 or Ffowl Owl
 or Fflump
2nd GBR ’80
1st GBR Nthns ’80
  GBR 2504 Wyche & Coppock GRP   12-Sep-79 Impulse
 or Ffake Emerald
3rd Scots ’80  
  IRL 2505 Shepherd     3-Apr-80 Killaloe    
  GBR 2506 Shepherd GRP   20-Sep-79 Tally Ho    
  RSA 2507 Shepherd       Shepherd
 or Fusilier
1st RSA ’79
1st RSA ’80
1st RSA ’81
2nd Natal ’81
1st RSA ’82
2nd Natal ’82
  GBR 2508 Copeland GRP   20-Sep-79 Ffacile    
  GBR 2509 B.H.Skinner Wood   26-Sep-79 Westwood Ho    
  GBR 2510 Wyche & Coppock GRP   24-Sep-79 Valhalla
 or Kentish Maid
  GBR 2511 Wyche & Coppock     5-Sep-79 Cinnamon    
  RSA 2512 Shepherd GRP   17-Mar-80 Ffrantic 2nd RSA ’79  
  HKG 2513 Wyche & Coppock   AUS   Kisawa    
  GBR 2514 Wyche & Coppock GRP   10-Dec-79 Ffrohlich    
  GBR 2515 Wyche & Coppock GRP   14-Nov-79 Blue Streak
 or Ffetish
  GBR 2516 Wyche & Coppock GRP   4-Dec-79 Ffreelander    
  GBR 2517 Wyche & Coppock GRP   8-Nov-79 Tally Ho
 or Drumbeat
  IRL 2518 Wyche & Coppock GRP   17-Jan-80 Just Jayne    
  GBR 2519 Wyche & Coppock GRP   19-Feb-80 Teriffic    
  GBR 2520 Wyche & Coppock GRP   28-Jan-80 Fighting Fit 1st GBR Sthns ’80
2nd GBR Classic ’98
1st GBR Inlands Classic '03
1st Worlds Classic '17
1st Worlds Classic '19
  GBR 2521 Wyche & Coppock GRP   14-Feb-80 Blue Rose
 or Blue Rose of Cairo
  GBR 2522 Wyche & Coppock GRP   14-Feb-80 Instant Protein
 or Ffiddlesticks
  GBR 2523 Windebank / Coombes Composite   13-Jun-81 Ffandangle
 or Bluebelle Dancer
2nd GBR Classic '05
2nd GBR Sthns Classic '05
2nd GBR Sthns Classic '06
  GBR 2524 Copland     16-Jan-80 Amffibian
 or Indulgence
  GBR 2525 Windebank III GRP   11-Jun-80 Vedra 1st Wlds ’80
1st GBR ’80
  GBR 2526 Wyche & Coppock GRP   3-Sep-86 Harmonie
 or Clipper
  HKG 2527 Copland / McIntosh     31-Jan-80 Ffleeting Shadow 2 1st HKG ’83  
  GBR 2528 Copland / McIntosh     24-Jan-80 Bluebell Danker    
  GBR 2529 Shepherds GRP   1-Feb-80 Ffenomenon
 or Destination Zululand
 or Angharad
  IRL 2530 Seaview Marine Services     1-Jul-80 Woodstock 3rd Irish South Coast ’80  
  IRL 2531 Anglian Boats       Snap Apple    
  GBR 2532 Copland / McIntosh     19-Nov-79 Ufforia    
  IRL 2533 Anglian Boats     1-May-80 Ratcat
 or Mister Viz
  IRL 2534 Copland / McIntosh
 also claimed
 Anglian Boats
    20-Jun-80 Gadzooks    
  IRL 2535 Anglian Boats            
  IRL 2536 Duffin       Cobra
 or Muffler
  GBR 2537 Shepherds GRP   18-Jan-81 Flip Flop II    
  GBR 2538 Wyche & Coppock GRP   7-Feb-80 Renata
 or Mighty Mazumba
  GBR 2539 Wyche & Coppock GRP     Eftee
 or Diamond Solitaire
3rd Scots ’82  
  GBR 2540 Wyche & Coppock GRP   14-May-80 Coppelia    
  GBR 2541 Shepherd
 also claimed
 Wyche & Coppock
Composite BEL 26-Mar-80 Scuse Me
 or Light Fifteen
 or Ph Pheasant
 or No Limit
  IRL 2542 Anglian Boats     19-Jun-80 Fast Forward    
  GBR 2543 Copland / McIntosh GRP   10-May-80 Ffrancesca    
  GBR 2544 Copland / McIntosh GRP     Faux Frere    
  GBR 2545 Copland / McIntosh GRP Also claimed Wyche & Coppock 27-Jun-80 Bullrush
 or Ups-A-Daisy
3rd GBR Nthns ’80  
  GBR 2546 Shepherd       Little and Large
 or Alize
  GBR 2547 Windebank / Edwards Composite   8-Jun-80 Veni Vidi Vici    
  2548 Shepherd            
  GBR 2549 Wyche & Coppock       Ffleta
 or Catalina
 or Gilbert Glum
  IRL 2550 Wyche & Coppock GRP   18-Apr-80 Cavitina    
  IRL 2551 Wyche & Coppock     8-May-80 Shikari    
  GBR 2552 Shepherds GRP   1-Feb-80 Diamond Doublet
 or FFaux Pas
  GBR 2554 Shepherd GRP   1-Mar-81 Fforever Fforader
 or 4F
 or Rince St
  GBR 2555 Shepherd GRP   1-Feb-80 Hot Chestnut    
  GBR 2557 Copland / McIntosh GRP   17-Apr-80 Alouette    
  GBR 2558 Wyche & Coppock GRP   30-Apr-80 Nifftee
 or Tutti Ffrutti
 or Ffinesse
 or Ghost Rider
  GBR 2559 Wyche & Coppock GRP   26-Mar-80 Aru Mai    
  GBR 2560 Copland / McIntosh GRP   11-Jun-80 Brief Flirtation 2nd GBR Nthns ’80  
  GBR 2561 Copland / McIntosh GRP   1-May-89 Grandalff    
  GBR 2562 Wyche & Coppock GRP   20-Mar-80 Sandbagger 2nd GBR Classic '03
3rd GBR Classic '06
  IRL 2563 Windebank   Mk II   Alien    
  GBR 2564         Dimple    
  GBR 2565 Shepherds GRP   1-Apr-80 Pianissimo
 or Pianiffimo
 or Blue Spirit
  IRL 2566 Wyche & Coppock GRP   Jun 1980 Tramontana
 or Shillelagh II
 or Flying Low
  2567 Wyche & Coppock       Chemira    
  IRL 2568 Wyche & Coppock
 also claimed
 Anglian Boats
    20-Apr-80 Vega II    
  GBR 2569 Wyche & Coppock GRP   9-Jun-80 Fuligulina
 or Megaffoss
  GBR 2570 Wyche & Coppock GRP   22-May-80 Philanderer
 or No Alternative
 or Final Fling
  GBR 2571 Copland / McIntosh GRP   29-Jul-80 Ffine Ffettle    
  GBR 2572 Windebank     18-May-80 Virginia Creeper 3rd GBR Sthns ’80
3rd GBR ’82
2nd GBR Sthns ’82
  GBR 2573 Shepherds     1-Feb-80 Affaire    
  IRL 2574         Windy lou    
  GBR 2575 Windebank / Dobson GRP / Wood   12-Jun-80 Ffine Wine    
  GBR 2576 Copland / McIntosh GRP   11-Apr-80 Custard    
  GBR 2577 Copland / McIntosh     28-Jul-80 Huntress    
  GBR 2578 Copland / McIntosh     20-Jun-81 Spanish Lady
 or Hawk Wind
 Star Shooter
  GBR 2579 Windebank GRP Windebank II 14-May-80 Mussarana
 or Fflora
1st Scots ’80
2nd GBR Sthns ’80
1st Scots ’81
2nd IRL ’81
  GBR 2580 Shepherd GRP   1-Apr-80 Just For Fun    
  GBR 2582 Windebank Composite   14-May-80 Mac
 or Mac the Knife
  RSA 2583 Wyche & Coppock GRP   8-May-80 Fast Fun II
 or Fabulous Fun
1st Natal ’80
2nd RSA ’81
1st Natal ’81
2nd RSA ’82
1st Natal ’82
  GBR 2584 Wyche & Coppock GRP   18-Jun-80 Liquid Assett
 or Next Time
  GBR 2585 Wyche & Coppock GRP   19-Jun-80 Robin Hood
 or Friaca
 or FF-luent-it
 or Effleurage
  GBR 2586 Copland / McIntosh / Hutton Composite     Invader
 or Stag
 or Nuffsaid
  GBR 2587 Copland / McIntosh / Hutton Composite   7-Jun-80 Mermaid
 or Slarty Bartffast
  GBR 2588 Windebank / Trenoweth Composite Windebank II 8-May-81 Blue Eyes
 or Ffifty
 or Fflash Gordon
 or Go Faster Chick
1st GBR Classic ' 00  
  GBR 2589 Copland / McIntosh GRP   22-May-80 Cordelia    
  GBR 2591 Copland / McIntosh     22-May-80 Dolfin
 or Dolphin
 or Elegance
  GBR 2592 Wyche & Coppock GRP   1-Sep-80 Abitiffy
 or Hey Jude
  GBR 2593 Wyche & Coppock     24-Jul-83 Ffar Too Expensive
 or Take Off Again
 or Deriveur Service
3rd FRA ’98
1st FRA '01
  GBR 2594 Wyche & Coppock GRP   6-Aug-80 Knight Fflyer
 or Snoopy’s Triumph
  GBR 2595 Windebank / Trenoweth Composite Windebank II
21-Jun-80 Ffurry Dance    
  GBR 2596 Windebank / Trenoweth Composite Windebank II 21-Jun-80 Ffortune Teller 3rd Wlds ’80  
  GBR 2597 Windebank / Diamond Composite Windebank II 27-Jun-80
 or FF Annie
 or Zortziko
1st GBR ’81  
  IRL 2598 Anglian     2-Sep-80 Early Mist    
  GBR 2599 Shepherd GRP     Anti Freeze
 or Affidavit
  GBR 2600 Shepherd GRP   1-Jun-80 Blue Chip    
  2601 Shepherd            
  GBR 2602 Windebank Composite Windebank II 29-Jun-80 Wingeing Pom
 or Feude Joie
4th Wlds ’80  
  GBR 2603 Copland / Chaney Composite   9-Apr-82 Sea Ffever    
  2604 Copland / McIntosh            
  2605 Wyche & Coppock GRP   14-Oct-80 Fflica    
  GBR 2606 Windebank / Watson Composite Windebank II 6-Sep-80 The First Straw
 or Midnight Express
3rd GBR Nthns ’83  
  GBR 2607 Wyche & Coppock     8-Oct-80 Hot Stuff
 or Bass Monkey
  GBR 2608 Copland / McIntosh GRP   29-Nov-80 Ffluster    
  GBR 2609 Windebank Composite   14-Sep-80 Virago I    
  GBR 2610 Woof Moulded Ply   13-Sep-80      
  GBR 2611 Windebank GRP   17-Feb-81 Vortex
 or Atalanta
 or Ffeeling Frisky
 or Aquaffobia
 or Flash Harry
 or Ffee Ffee
  GBR 2612 Windebank GRP   4-Feb-81 Fflyer II    
  GBR 2613 Racing Yachts GRP   9-Jan-81 Pataan    
  GBR 2614 Wyche & Coppock GRP   27-May-81 Quatorze Cuivre    
  GBR 2615 Woof Boats Wood   11-Sep-85 Obsession
 or Prime Bark
  RSA 2616 R & G Plastics / Shepherd GRP   10-Oct-80 Spanish Fly
 or Fast Forward
  GBR 2617 Windebank GRP   17-Jan-81 Blondie    
  IRL 2618 Petch
 also claimed
 Seaview Marine Services
Wood   25-Jun-81 Woodstock II 1st Irish South Coast ’81  
  IRL 2619 Wyche & Coppock GRP   29-Oct-80 Moonraker
 or Ffootless
3rd Irish South Coast ’81  
  GBR 2620 Windebank / Trenoweth Composite   6-Nov-80 Spring Sonata 2nd GBR Inlands Classic'05  
  GBR 2621 Copland / McIntosh GRP   18-Jun-81 Firefly
 or F.F.F.Four
 or Greensleeves
1st IRL ’81  
  IRL 2622 Duffin
 also claimed
 Anglian Boats
GRP   26-May-81 Splashdown    
  IRL 2623 Duffin
 also claimed
 Anglian Boats
GRP   12-Mar-81 Moonshadow 2nd IRL ’82  
  IRL 2624 Duffin
 also claimed
 Anglian Boats
GRP   30-Mar-81 Apocalypse    
  GBR 2625 Windebank GRP   28-Jul-81 Fick Fing    
  GBR 2626 Porter GRP Windebank 18-Feb-81 Sayonara    
  GBR 2627 Windebank / Edwards Composite   1-May-81 Ffrith    
  GBR 2628 Copland Composite   1-Jan-85 Charade    
  GBR 2629 Windebank / Rae     26-May-81 Charade    
  GBR 2630 Windebank GRP   20-Jun-81 Kings Jester    
  NZL 2631         Ffootapper
 or Ffreckles
  NZL 2632         Ffreelance    
  NZL 2633         Kiwi Concorde    
  NZL 2634         Rantan 1st NZL ’82
1st NZL ’84
  NZL 2635         Fleetfoot    
  NZL 2636         Amosquito    
  NZL 2637         The Difference    
  NZL 2638         Kermit
 Filska Far
  NZL 2639         Fflugeman
 or Malffunction
  NZL 2640         Glass
 or Glaff
  GBR 2641 Windebank / Lawson Composite   7-Jul-81 Hyjack
 or Tess Calamou
  GBR 2642 Windebank GRP   15-Jun-81 Ffantome
 or Fraser-v-Fraser
 or Grunt
 or Hangover II
 or Saffie
2nd GBR Sthns ’81
2nd Scots ’81 
  GBR 2643 Shepherd / Hutchinson GRP   5-Sep-82      
  GBR 2644 Windebank     10-Aug-81 Vamonos
 or Fifi
  GBR 2645 Windebank / Porter Composite Mk III 1-Apr-81 Ppanic
 or Fflisk
 or Hangover
GBR Owners Cup ’89
 3rd GBR Classic '03
  GBR 2646 Windebank / Trenoweth Composite   2-May-81 Hair Restorrar 1st GBR Nthns ’81
3rd GBR Sthns ’81
2nd GBR Inlands Classic '03
  GBR 2647 Windebank GRP   3-May-82 Starsky
 or Dinn
 or Innisfree
  GBR 2648 Windebank GRP   2-Jun-81 Bindweed 3rd GBR ’81
1st GBR Sthns ’81
  GBR 2649 Windebank GRP Mk III 6-Jun-81 Contageous    
  GBR 2650 Windebank GRP   28-Jul-81 Too Much, Too Young    
  IRL 2652 Wyche & Coppock GRP   13-May-81 Hot Potatoe
 or Secret Luff
  IRL 2653 Windebank GRP Mk III 17-May-81 Khamsin
 or Nicos Girl
 or Fast Forward
3rd IRL ’81
3rd IRL ’82
  GBR 2654 Windebank IV GRP   14-May-81 Pussycat    
  GBR 2655 Windebank II / Amos GRP   17-Jul-81 Mazurka
 or No Friction
  HKG 2656 Copland / McIntosh       Blackbird 1st HKG ’82  
  GBR 2657 Wyche & Coppock GRP   6-Apr-81 Cold Ffett    
  IRL 2658 Windebank GRP Mk III 1-Jun-81 Vega III 2nd N Ireland ’81
1st IRL ’82
1st N Ireland ’82
3rd GBR Nthns Classic '03
  IRL 2659 Windebank GRP Mk III 24-Jun-81 Cracker 3rd N Ireland ’81
2nd N Ireland ’82
  GBR 2660 Amos Composite   26-Feb-81 Fforemark    
  IRL 2661 Duffin
 also claimed
 Anglian Boats
GRP   12-Mar-81 Humbug
 or Titanic
 or Monkey Biznes
  GBR 2662 Windebank GRP Total Loss 5-May-81 Ffriction
 or The Green Howards
 or Ar Ais Arts
 Or Bolgidy
  GBR 2663 Windebank GRP W Mk III 1-Jan-83 Another Imp
 or Reservoir d’Og
3rd GBR Classic '01
2ndGBR Classic '02
3rd Classic International'03
1st GBR Nthns Classic '03
1st GBR Sthns Classic '03
2nd GBR Classic '04
1stG BR Sthns Classic '06
  GBR 2664 Wyche & Coppock GRP   6-Apr-81 Jamie
 or Affro
  GBR 2665 Wyche & Coppock   USA 25-Mar-81 Acadine 1st USA ’96
1st USA ’98
1st USA ’99
  GBR 2666 Wyche & Coppock GRP   Mar 1981 Fifteen All    
  GBR 2667 Wyche & Coppock GRP   30-Apr-81 Infferno
 or Blanch’Cass
3rd Worlds Classic '15  
  GBR 2668 Windebank     23-Apr-81 Fast Fun
 or Sandgroper
 or Samudra
GBR Owners Cup ’88  
  GBR 2669 Wyche & Coppock GRP   23-Mar-81 Nifftee Too
 or Quenelle
 or Ffrefryn
 or Water Wyche
  GBR 2670 Wyche & Coppock / Leuchars GRP   17-Feb-81 Grousebeater    
  AUS 2671 Shand GRP Mk I   Fee Fi Fo Fum
 or Pakam 4
 or Ho Hum
  AUS 2672 Shand GRP Mk I 23-Oct-81 Gazelle III 1st Classic International '05  
  AUS 2673 Shand GRP Mk I 7-Oct-81 Lotus
 or Cutting Edge
 or War Horse
 or Salvador
  AUS 2675 Shand GRP Modified Mk I   Windward Sausage
 Freds Folly
  AUS 2676         Formula One    
  AUS 2677 Morrison GRP Modified 21- Oct -82 HMF Pinafore    
  AUS 2678 Shand GRP Modified Mk I   Zoranda
 or Blue Lady
  AUS 2679 Shand GRP Modified Mk I 28-Mar-81 Just F Fun
 or Krida
 or Cervantes VI
 or Flying Fish Teen
  AUS 2680         Windswept    
  GBR 2681 Wyche & Coppock GRP   30-Apr-81 Imagine    
  GBR 2682 Windebank IV GRP   2-Aug-81 Cunning Stunt
 or Ffreebooter
 or Cunning Fox
 or Ffree Spirit
 or Funder and Frightening
2nd GBR Nthns ’82  
  GBR 2683 Windebank Composite   2-Jun-81 Fflame of Mylor
 or Fflame of Torbay
 or Fflame
 or Sledgers Flame
 or Fast Forward
3rd GBR Sthns ’82  
  GBR 2684 Windebank / Maunder     21-Mar-81 Cheyenne
 or C’Lark
 or Chauve Qui Peut
1st GBR Classic '05
1st Euros Classic '06
  GBR 2685 Windebank / Edwards Composite   5-May-81 Argo    
  IRL 2686 Racing Yachts GRP   1-Dec-81      
  IRL 2687 Racing Yachts GRP   26-Nov-81 Flying Fish
 or Christine’s Rival
 or FFoebie
  GBR 2688 Copland / McIntosh GRP   4-Jul-81 Ffudge    
  GBR 2689 Windebank GRP   28-Apr-82 Pheer
 or Jackal
 or Flamingo
  GBR 2690 Wyche & Coppock GRP HKG / AUS 27-Apr-81 Robin Hood
 or D’Uffa
  GBR 2691 Wyche & Coppock GRP   14-May-81 Cluffy    
  GBR 2692 Copland / McIntosh GRP   19-May-81 Johns Folly    
  IRL 2693 Copland / McIntosh GRP   10-Aug-81 Kermit    
  GBR 2694 Copland / McIntosh GRP   4-Jul-81 Paget    
  GBR 2695 Copland / McIntosh       L’or des Ffous
 or Flying Fish
  GBR 2696 Windebank / Amos Composite   5-Jun-81 Dragon Ffly    
  GBR 2697 Windebank GRP   28-Feb-81 Gulf Stream    
  GBR 2698 Wyche & Coppock GRP   6-Jul-81 Issi Noho    
  IRL 2699 Windebank / McKee GRP Mk II 17-Aug-81 Hot Gossip    
  GBR 2700 Windebank / Edwards Composite   18-Apr-81 Ffrohlich    
  NZL 2701         Shremba
 or Chiremba
  NZL 2702         Ffrisson    
  NZL 2703         Ffull Ffrontal    
  NZL 2704         Fforeign Affairs    
  NZL 2705         Fax    
  NZL 2706         Fflat Off    
  NZL 2707         Intensiff Care    
  NZL 2708         Fleetfoot Too    
  NZL 2709         Quarter Past Three 1st NZL ’83
2nd Classic '17
  NZL 2710         Ffinesse II    
  GBR 2711 Wyche & Coppock GRP   12-Jul-81 Turbo    
  2712 Windebank GRP   26-Jun-81   1st N Ireland ’81  
  IRL 2713 Windebank / Edwards Composite Mk II 10-Aug-81 Colonel Mustard    
  GBR 2714 Windebank GRP   23-Jul-81 Super Geordie
 Off Off
3rd GBR Nthns ’82
2nd GBR Nthns ’84
  IRL 2715 Wyche & Coppock     30-Jul-81 Ramtaffer
 or Feet First
 or Siofra
  GBR 2716         Darling    
  GBR 2717 Sincock GRP   21-Aug-85 Ffarsical    
  GBR 2718 Wyche & Coppock GRP   14-Aug-81 Feet First    
  HKG 2719 Wyche & Coppock       Ffoxy Lady II    
  GBR 2720 Windebank / Trenowth Composite   25-Jun-81 Artful Dodger    
  IRL 2721         Fred
 or Ffantom Ffiddler
  GBR 2722 Copland / McIntosh       Ffelvet    
  GBR 2723 Wyche & Coppock GRP   28-Jul-81 Weight Lifter
 or Fflyer
  GBR 2724 Copland GRP   29-Jul-81 Equinox    
  GBR 2725 Wyche & Coppock GRP   21-Sep-81 Peter’s Pence    
  GBR 2726 Windebank / Porter Bros GRP   17-Sep-81 Grey Hairs
 or Manpower
 or Ffreetime
 or Tears
 or Mischieff
 or Plum Crazy
  GBR 2727 Windebank / Edwards Composite   5-Oct-81 Impulse II
 or Klipspringer II
  GBR 2728 Wyche & Coppock     6-Nov-81 Aquavit
 or Beau Zanaraz
 or Bon Accord
 or fflocinaucinihilipilification
  GBR 2729 Windebank / Rae GRP   27-Aug-81 Sunrise
 or Waffle Stomper To
  GBR 2730 Porter Plastics GRP Windebank II 20-Aug-82 Lift Off    
  RSA 2731 R & G Plastics / Shepherd GRP   18-Oct-81 Full Force    
  RSA 2732 R & G Plastics / Shepherd GRP   14-May-82 Fast Flight
 or Fanfaronne
  RSA 2733 R & G Plastics / Shepherd GRP Burnt out 1983 15-Nov-82 Foxtrot I    
  GBR 2734 Windebank     10-Nov-81 Ffantom Pound 2nd GBR Sthns ’84  
  IRL 2735 Windebank   Mk III 12-Nov-81 Turbocharged 1st NZL ’81
3rd Wlds ’82
3rd N Ireland ’83
  GBR 2736 Wyche & Coppock GRP   24-Nov-81 Gin FFiz or Sabretasche
 or Tremontane
  GBR 2737         Storm Bird    
  GBR 2738 Windebank     25-Mar-82 Tax    
  GBR 2739 Windebank GRP   7-Feb-82 Goldfinger    
  GBR 2740 Windebank GRP   3-May-82 Crazy Diamond
 or Jeniffer
  GBR 2741 Windebank GRP   10-Apr-82 Favours 2nd GBR Inlands Silver '03  
  IRL 2742 Windebank   Mk III 24-May-82 Supertramp
 or Ruthless
  GBR 2743 Windebank / Porter     25-May-82 Hunky Dory 1st Scots ’82  
  GBR 2744 Windebank GRP / Carbon Fibre Mk IV 30-Mar-82 Broffer Boots
 or The Business
 or Millenium Falcon
6th Classic Wlds '01  
  GBR 2745 Wyche & Coppock GRP   19-Apr-82 Coppa
 or Flying Frog
  GBR 2746 Windebank GRP   15-Sep-82 Ffluency    
  IRL 2747 Windebank   Mk III 24-May-82 Tramonta    
  GBR 2748 Windebank GRP   13-Mar-82 Four Leaf Clover    
  GBR 2749 Windebank
 also claimed
Composite   9-Feb-82 Kate
 or Freedom Fighter
  GBR 2750 Wyche & Coppock GRP Mk IV 21-Apr-82 Finesse
 or Filsket
 or Tiki
  GBR 2751 Wyche & Coppock     2-Apr-82 Stuff’n'Nonsense
 or Marvin
 or Philanderer
  GBR 2752 Wyche & Coppock GRP   28-Apr-82 Meteor
 or Endorffin
  IRL 2753 Wyche & Coppock       Tumble Too    
  AUS 2754 Shand GRP Modified Mk 1 Dec-81 Pundra    
  AUS 2755 Shand GRP Modified Mk 1 Dec-81 Gunnadoo    
  AUS 2756 Shand GRP Mk 1 Dec-82 Fawkes or
 Noisey Welcomes & Farewells
  AUS 2757 Windebank GRP Mould II   Hunky Dory
 or Wot Not
 or FF Troop
 or Gazelle 4
 or Y Not
  AUS 2758 Shand GRP Modified Mk I   De Arrow Express    
  AUS 2759         The Kernel
 or State of the Ark
  AUS 2760 Shand GRP Mk 1 Dec-82 Ffrensey
 or Happy Daze
 or WAL
  AUS 2761 Marineworld/ Anderson       Super Toy
 or Mattie
  AUS 2762 Morrison GRP Modified Oct-83 Femme Fatale    
  RSA 2764 R & G Plastics / Shepherd GRP Scrapped 1989 10-Dec-82 Fflabbergast
 or Fakir
  RSA 2765     Unused        
  RSA 2766 Windebank / Amos Composite Mk II 07-Jun-82 Femme Fatale 2nd RSA ’83
2nd RSA ’97
3rd RSA ’98
1st Classic Wlds '01
  RSA 2767 unknown – Home Built GRP non-standard shape 05-Jan-82      
  RSA 2768 R & G Plastics / Shepherd GRP   05-May-82 Freia da Frid    
  RSA 2769 R & G Plastics / Shepherd GRP   19-Oct-82 Flying Free    
  NZL 2770         Fforplay    
  NZL 2771         Quicksilffa    
  NZL 2772         Floosie    
  NZL 2773 K J Chappell Plywood / Glass   Apr-84 September Song or Phantom    
  AUS 2774     Australia   Foxy Flower    
  NZL 2775         Icefflower    
  NZL 2776         Alternative III    
  NZL 2777         Fflying Colours    
  NZL 2778         Expensiff    
  NZL 2779         Skinfflint 1st NZL ’85
2nd Classic International '05
  GBR 2780 Windebank GRP   7-May-83 Ommastreffes
 or Wind Fall
 or Cuffufle
  GBR 2781 Windebank / McGeorge     14-Mar-82 Just Magic
 or Penguin
  IRL 2782 Windebank   Mk III 22-Apr-83 Some Pup    
  IRL 2784 Windebank   Mk III 27-Apr-83 Muffie    
  FRA 2785 Windebank     22-Sep-82 Long and Red
 or Treble II
 or MoonShadow or
 Chazolo IV
  GBR 2786 Amos Composite   7-May-82 Second Wind
 or Next Week
  GBR 2787 Copland GRP   14-Jun-82 Fluky 2nd Scots ’82  
  GBR 2788 Copland / McIntosh     10-Apr-85 Aqua Taurus    
  GBR 2789 Windebank   Mk III 15-May-82 Green Side Up
 or Pheonix
1st GBR ’82
1st GBR Sthns ’82
  GBR 2790 Wyche & Coppock     25-May-82 Robin Hood
 or Vivace
  GBR 2791 Wyche & Coppock     14-May-82 Duetto    
  GBR 2792 Wyche & Coppock     1-May-82 Little & Large
 or Biggles
  2793 Wyche & Coppock            
  GBR 2794 Windebank     27-May-82      
  GBR 2795 Windebank     7-Aug-82 Fraoch Gel    
  GBR 2796 Trenowth     26-May-82 Ffascination Feeling
 or Fascinating
 or Ffascinating Ffeeling
 or Ffruto del Mar
  GBR 2797 Windebank IV GRP   20-Jun-82 Grey Matter
 or Grey Lady
 or Bit of Fluff
 or Shadow
2nd GBR ’82  
  2798 Wyche & Coppock            
  HKG 2799 Wyche & Coppock   W&C Mould III   Fru Fru 1st HKG ’84  
  GBR 2800 Wyche & Coppock     12-Aug-82 The Answer
 or Tee Dee II
  GBR 2801 Wyche & Coppock GRP   17-Jun-82 Shadowffax
 or Fflyaway
  GBR 2802         Bess of Hardwick    
  GBR 2804 Windebank GRP   2-Oct-83 Atalanta
 or Ffrantic III
  GBR 2805 J.J.Crowder Composite   5-Apr-83 La Femme Fatale
 or Sledgers
1st FRA ’98  
  GBR 2806 McNulty / Storrar Composite W Mk IV 10-Apr-82 Altered Image
 or La Femme Fatale
1st GBR Nthns ’82  
  GBR 2807 Wyche & Coppock GRP CAN 14-Feb-83 Cuffa
 or Puff
  GBR 2808 Amos / Hume Composite W Mk II 9-Dec-82 Rooster Booster
 or Nuffin Special
 or Reffreshed
1st FRA ’99  
  IRL 2809 Amos GRP   31-May-83      
  GBR 2810 Windebank GRP W Mk IV 3-Feb-83 Tawnie 3rd Wlds ’84
1st IRL ’84
GBR Owners Cup ’91
  GBR 2811 Windebank GRP   23-Mar-83 Cavalcade    
  GBR 2812 Windebank GRP   9-Sep-83 Feeling Fruity
 or Daedalus
 or Rag Fflapper
  GBR 2813 Windebank IV Composite   6-Mar-83 Triffick    
  IRL 2814 Windebank GRP Mk III 24-Apr-83 The Noble 1    
  GBR 2815 Wyche & Coppock GRP   30-Mar-83 Macduff
 or Bonkin
  GBR 2816 Edwards     25-Jun-83 Fluff    
  GBR 2817 Amos GRP W M IV 18-Apr-83 Anderida    
  GBR 2818 Windebank GRP BEL 27-Jul-88 Ffrantic
 or Fromage Frais
 or Tokay Two
3rd Europeans Classic '06  
  GBR 2819 Wyche & Coppock     30-Mar-83 Phosphorescence
 or Affair
  AUS 2820         No Second Prize
 or Quinta
  AUS 2821 Bob Higgs       Two Bob
 or Slainte Mhath
  GBR 2822 Morrison GRP Modified 26-Sep-82 Serenity
 or Unfinished Business
 or Funny Farm
  AUS 2823 Marineworld/ Anderson GRP WIndebank 21/2 19-Nov-82 Corinthian
 or Crescendo
 or Elmer Fudd
 or Starship
 or Fire Fox II
 Or Cervantes
  AUS 2824         Y-Not
 or W’Beaut
 or Cockatiel
 or Frivolous
2nd AUS '01  
  AUS 2825 Marineworld/ Anderson GRP WIndebank 21/2 22-Oct-83 Lily
 or Chauntellfer
 or Frequent Flyer
 or Feather Duster
 or Happy Days
  AUS 2826 Shand GRP Mk 1 Jan-83 Windy Hill
 or Slippery When Wet
 or Carte Blanche
 or Frequent Flyer
  AUS 2827 Marineworld/Anderson GRP WIndebank 21/2 10-Jan-83 Tis Irish Luck or
 Pink Zinc
  AUS 2828 Shand GRP Mk1 Modified   Fortisimo    
  AUS 2829 Tilbrook GRP   17-Dec-83 Super Fox    
  AUS 2830 Marineworld/Anderson GRP WIndebank 21/2 1-Nov-83 Men At Work
 or Solomon’s Eye
  AUS 2831 Marineworld/ Anderson GRP WIndebank 21/2 28-Feb-85 Uffa Mo    
  AUS 2832 Shand GRP Modified Mk I Oct-83 Banana Ffritter
 or Harro
 or Pekim Duck
  AUS 2833 Shand GRP Mk II Feb-87 Banned Wagon    
  AUS 2834 Marineworld/Anderson GRP WIndebank 21/2   Glass Slipper    
  AUS 2835         Rustler
 or Stir Fry
  AUS 2837 Shand GRP modified Mk II   Patches of Brilliance
 or Georgie Girl Too
  AUS 2838 Marineworld/ Anderson GRP WIndebank 21/2 26-Feb-84 Caffeine
 or Rock ‘n Roll
  AUS 2839 Marineworld/ Anderson GRP WIndebank 21/2   Pirate    
  RSA 2840 Val Hendrie / Shepherd GRP   05-Jul-83 Foxtrot II    
  RSA 2841 Windebank GRP Mk IV 23-Jan-84 Ffiddler 1st Natal ’83
2nd Natal ’84
1st RSA ’85
1st RSA ’86
1st Natal ’86
2nd Natal ’87
1st RSA ’93
1st RSA ’94
2nd Natal ’94
1st RSA ’95
4th Classic Wlds '01
  RSA 2842 Windebank / Val Hendrie GRP Mk IV 08-Dec-83 Financial Folly
 or Funa Futhi
1st RSA ’83
2nd Natal ’84
1st RSA ’84
2nd RSA ’85
  GBR 2843 Wyche & Coppock GRP   23-Mar-83 Ffelony    
  GBR 2844 Wyche & Coppock GRP   6-Apr-83 Effy-Cacious GBR Owners Cup ’95  
  GBR 2845 Wyche & Coppock GRP   11-May-83 Romika    
  GBR 2846 Wyche & Coppock GRP   24-May-83 Peppermint    
  GBR 2847 M S Green GRP   23-May-83 Coming of Age
 or L’Affaire
  GBR 2848 Windebank / M.S. Green GRP   2-Apr-83 Fflipt
 or Yikes and Kickers
  GBR 2849 Windebank GRP   10-Apr-83 Laffing Gas
 or Fifty Fifty
 or Ffankle Free
2nd Scots Silver 2004  
  GBR 2850 Wyche & Coppock GRP   4-Mar-83 Fleder Mans
 or Ffloss
 or Flossy
 or Fangfoss
2nd GBR ’83  
  GBR 2851 Wyche & Coppock GRP   27-Mar-83 Wychecrafft    
  GBR 2852 Amos   Mk IV 10-Aug-83 Liquid Asset    
  IRL 2853 Amos            
  GBR 2854 Amos / Windebank Composite   30-Mar-83 Fforemost
 or Two Six
 or Fee Fee
  IRL 2855 Boston Wood   28-Jul-83 First and Last    
  GBR 2856 Windebank / Dobson GRP / Wood   22-Apr-83 Never on Sunday
 or Full-Frontal
 or La’al Lass II
 or Excalibar
 or Dream Catcher
1st Scots ’84
3rd GBR Nthns ’84
  IRL 2857 Windebank GRP Mk IV 27-Apr-83 Something Different 1st IRL ’83
3rd Northern Ireland ’83
6th Worlds ’84
3rd GBR ’84
3rdI RL ’84
  GBR 2858 Wyche & Coppock GRP   16-Jul-83 Feeling Fit    
  IRL 2859 Windebank       Flying Low
 or Ffolly
  GBR 2860 Windebank GRP Mk IV 30-Apr-83 Pinson    
  GBR 2861 Windebank Composite   4-Aug-87 Close to the Wind
 or Clever Clogs
 or Bindweed
  GBR 2862 Windebank / Dobson Composite   24-Apr-83 Fflame
 or Blyth Spirit
 or Close to the Wind
  GBR 2863 Windebank / Dobson Composite   24-Apr-83 Torni 6
 or Huckster
 or Ffacet
2nd Scots ’84  
  GBR 2864 Amos Composite   27-May-83 Miss Kitty
 or Danselforce
 or Cloud Nine
 or Ffirsty Work
  GBR 2865 Windebank / Edwards Composite Mk IV 24-Apr-86 Jetlag
 or Ffurther Jetlag
 or Artful Dodger
 or Pipe Dream
3rd Scots ’83  
  AUS 2866 McNulty GRP HKG / AUS 27-Apr-83 Touch Wood
 or The Other Woman
 or Clucking Folonial
 or Vendetta
3rd GBR ’83
 2nd GBR Nthns ’83
1st Scots ’83
1st GBR Sthns ’84
1st GBR Nthns ’84
2nd GBR Nthns ’85
  GBR 2867 Windebank GRP Mk IV 26-May-83 Ffriendship
 or Inffinity
  GBR 2868 Edwards Wood Mk IV 4-May-83 Effervescence 2 2nd FRA ’98  
  GBR 2869 Wyche & Coppock GRP   4-May-83 Maji Moto
 or Slartybardffast
  GBR 2870 Windebank GRP   20-Jun-83 Fred Quimby    
  GBR 2871 Edwards Wood Windebank IV 6-Jun-83 Airborne
 or Ffeline
  GBR 2872 Windebank   Mk IV 21-Mar-83 Reffiners Ffire
 or Phenomenal
  GBR 2873 Windebank GRP Mk IV 31-Jul-83 Ffocus
 or Feoffment
  GBR 2874 Trenowth GRP   18-Jul-83 Affray    
  GBR 2875 Trenowth GRP   13-Jun-83 Whimsy
 or Fell Follet
 or Feu Follet
  GBR 2876 Windebank GRP Mk IV 7-Jun-83 Gripple Nipper 1st Wlds ’84
 2nd IRL ’84
 2nd GBR Classic ’97
  GBR 2877 Porter Bros. GRP   6-Aug-83 Paragon    
  GBR 2878 Windebank / Dobson Composite   29-May-83 Whipsnade 2nd GBR Sthns ’83
2nd Scots ’83
2nd IRL ’83
3rd GBR Nthns ’87
  IRL 2879 Windebank GRP Mk IV 14-Jun-83 Interceptor 1st GBR ’83
1st GBR Sthns ’83
3rd IRL ’83
  GBR 2880 Amos Composite Windebank IV 8-Jul-83 Fflappin Eagle
 or Frantic Freddie
 or Flights of Fantasy
  GBR 2881 Windebank / Dobson Composite   22-Jul-83 Illusion
 or Intuition
  GBR 2882 Copland / McIntosh   The last Copland / McIntosh 31-Oct-88 Spectre III    
  IRL 2883 Windebank / B McKee GRP Mk IV 7-Jul-83 Freeway 1stNorthern Ireland ’83  
  GBR 2884 Windebank GRP Windebank IV 5-Feb-84 Ffast Ffinkin 1st GBR ’85
2nd GBR Sthns ’85
5th Wlds ’86
3rd GBR ’86
1st GBR Sthns ’86
2nd GBR Nthns ’86
  GBR 2885 Windebank / Edwards Composite   10-Jul-83 Ffledermans II
 or Mademoiselle
 or Saturn
  2886 Naylor GRP   7-Apr-84 First Fling    
  GBR 2887 Windebank     8-May-99 The Welshman
 or Another Celt
  IRL 2888 Windebank GRP Mk IV 12-Apr-84 Irish Mist    
  GBR 2889 Windebank
 also claimed
  Mk IV 20-Feb-84 Fissilk
 or Affliction
GBR Owners Cup ’90  
  GBR 2890 Amos GRP   24-Mar-84 Weak After Next    
  GBR 2891 Windebank GRP   9-Apr-84 Fonzie
 or The Couch
  GBR 2892 Windebank GRP   31-May-99 Tiercel 2
 or Allianz
3rd FRA ’98  
  GBR 2893 Windebank GRP   25-May-84 Ffellowship
 or Genista
  GBR 2894 Windebank GRP Mk IV 23-Feb-84 Ffinesse    
  IRL 2895 Windebank GRP Mk IV 3-May-84 Olimsea
 or Cavatina
  GBR 2896 Windebank GRP Mk IV 31-Mar-84 Ceol Na Mara
 or Sunray
 or Flamboyance
 or Flamedance
1st Scots ’85  
  GBR 2897 Skinner GRP   7-Feb-87 Saffire    
  GBR 2898 Wyche & Coppock / High Performance Composite   7-Feb-84 Genesis    
  GBR 2899 Wyche & Coppock GRP   4-May-84 Fizzically Fit
 or Application
  GBR 2900 Wyche & Coppock GRP   27-Feb-84 Flip Flop    
  GBR 2901 Amos Composite Mk IV 17-Mar-84 Wait a Minute
 or Fflying Nukie
3rd GBR Classic ’97  
  GBR 2902 Wyche & Coppock GRP   2-May-84 Ffion
 or Woffle
  AUS 2903         Travelling Sailsman
 or Sam II
  AUS 2904 Marineworld     18-Dec-83 Gazelle V 1st Aus ’85  
  AUS 2905         Snabb Fisk    
  AUS 2906 Shand   Shand Mk II   Here We Go Again
 or Ffrutebatt
 or Just Another Victim
1st NSW ’83
1st Vic ’83
1st NSW ’84
1st QLD ’87
1st QLD ’88
  AUS 2907 Shand   Mk II   Floating Pound
 or Mon Ami
1st Aus ’84  
  AUS 2908         Relience VIII    
  AUS 2909 Shand   Modified Mk II   Goose    
  AUS 2910         Ffidelity    
  AUS 2911         Split Enz    
  AUS 2912 Shand GRP Mk II   Corang    
  RSA 2913 Val Hendrie GRP   23-May-85 Ffrigate
 or Foto Finish
 or Ffynnon Air
2nd RSA ’84
1st Natal ’84
1st Natal ’85
  RSA 2914 Val Hendrie / Shepherd GRP   19-Nov-84 Foxtrot IV
 or Fly Away
  RSA 2915 Val Hendrie GRP Mk IV 24-Jul-87 Daffne 5th Classic Wlds 2001  
  GBR 2916 Wyche & Coppock GRP   24-Mar-84 A Ffair Lady    
  GBR 2917 Wyche & Coppock GRP   1-May-84 Gofforit
 or Sforzando II
 or Dartos
  GBR 2918 Wyche & Coppock GRP   11-May-84 Cousin Jack    
  IRL 2919 Windebank GRP Mk IV 3-May-84 Anorvega    
  GBR 2920 Amos GRP Mk IV 6-May-84 Ffankle Free
 or Like Silk
  GBR 2921 McNulty Composite Mk IV 19-Feb-84 Thriller
 or Roulette
  GBR 2922 Amos Composite   14-Apr-84 Bullrush II    
  GBR 2923 Naylor GRP   15-May-84 Against all Odds    
  GBR 2926 Windebank   Mk IV   Fflamboyant    
  GBR 2927 Naylor
 also claimed
Composite Mk IV 3-May-84 Sscare Too
 or Flo
  GBR 2928 Windebank GRP Mk IV 2-Jun-84 Ffandango Ffive
 or Fabella V
  IRL 2929 Windebank   Mk IV   Ffrizby    
  GBR 2930 Richardson
 also claimed
 Windebank / Raine
Composite Mk IV 1-Aug-84 Sarah Louise
 or Willy The Whale
  GBR 2931 Windebank GRP Mk IV 8-Jul-84 Dusty II
 or Ffisticuffs
  GBR 2932 Windebank / Dobson Composite Mk IV 5-May-84 Copy Cat 4th Worlds ’84
2nd GBR ’84
3rd GBR Sthns ’84
3rd Scots ’84
1st GBR Classic ’98
2nd FRA ’99
  GBR 2933 Trenowth GRP   14-Jun-84 Lowarn    
  GBR 2934 Windebank       Verbal Graffiti    
  IRL 2935 Windebank   Mk IV 10-May-84 Um Bongo    
  GBR 2936 Windebank / Edwards Composite   27-Apr-85 Sidewinder 3rd GBR ’85  
  IRL 2937 Millar       An Chuilfhion    
  GBR 2938 Windebank GRP Mk IV
7-Jul-84 Four Winds
 or Dynamite
1st GBR ’84  
  GBR 2939 Trenoweth GRP   23-Mar-85 Beaky    
  GBR 2940 Wyche & Coppock GRP   3-May-84 Robin Hood    
  HKG 2941 Wyche & Coppock GRP W&C Mould IV 10-May-84 Tally Ho    
  GBR 2942 Edwards Wood / Epoxy   31-Dec-84 Didgeridoo
 or Daisy
  GBR 2943 Windebank GRP Mk IV
21-Jun-84 Indecision
 or Fflocci
 or Ffrancesca
1st HKG ’87  
  GBR 2944 Windebank GRP Mk IV
5-Jul-84 Skylab 2nd Wlds ’84  
  GBR 2945 Amos GRP   13-Jul-84 Frozen Assetts    
  GBR 2946 Trenowth     28-Jun-84 Encounter    
  GBR 2947 Windebank / Watson GRP Mk IV 7-Jul-84 Affter You
 or Affrodite
  GBR 2948 Trenowth Carbon Fibre   5-Jul-84 Midnight Cocktail 3rd GBR Inlands Silver '03
2nd GBR Silver '05
  GBR 2949   GRP Windebank IV 27-Jan-84 Her Outdoors 5th Wlds ’84
1st GBR Nthns ’86
2nd GBR Sthns ’86
3rd GBR Sthns ’87
  GBR 2950 Wyche & Coppock GRP   25-Jul-84 Rebecca 1st Esp ’93
1st Esp ’94
  HKG 2951 Wyche & Coppock   W&C Mould IV
  Tally Ho
 or Flight of Fancy
 or Arabella II
  GBR 2952 McNulty Composite Mk IV 17-Aug-84 Firefox
 or Feline Fox
 or Cavalcade
 or Pheasant Plucker
  GBR 2953 Amos GRP FRA 7-Nov-84 Bossy Boots    
  GBR 2954 Amos Composite   22-Mar-90 Foto Finish    
  GBR 2955 Amos Composite   22-Mar-85 Ffore Runner    
  GBR 2956 Trenowth     22-Jan-85 Secret Affair    
  GBR 2957 Wyche & Coppock GRP   1-May-85 Ffools Paradise    
  GBR 2958 Windebank GRP   28-Apr-85 La Femme
 or Ffinkin Even Ffaster
1st GBR ’86
3rd GBR Sthns ’86
  GBR 2959 Porter Bros Composite Mk IV 28-Mar-85 Mousie    
  GBR 2960 Shepherd       Yorkshire Lady    
  GBR 2961 Windebank GRP   8-Apr-85 Yahoo    
  GBR 2962 Windebank GRP Mk IV 22-Mar-85 Ffriction
 or Effelump
  GBR 2963 Windebank GRP   22-Apr-85 Flying Carpet    
  GBR 2964 Windebank GRP Mk IV 19-Mar-85 Fleet Frog
 or Zippy
  2965 Windebank            
  AUS 2966 Blumann GRP   21-Oct-85 Only Iff
 or Iff Only
  AUS 2967 Shand GRP Mk II   Flying Fox II
 or Flying Circus
  AUS 2970 Marineworld/ Anderson GRP WIndebank 21/2 7-Dec-85 Full Bore
 or Two Fat Laddies
  AUS 2971 Marineworld/ Anderson GRP WIndebank 21/2 15-Dec-85 Rag Doll    
  GBR 2972         Plunging $    
  AUS 2973 Shand GRP Shandebank
Saturday Matinee
 or Portia IV
 or Cloudbreak
2nd WA Silver '02  
  AUS 2974 Shand GRP Shandebank
13-Jul-86 Fanfare
 or Gazelle VI
  AUS 2975 Shand GRP     Instant Replay
 or Apathy
1st Wlds ’86  
  GBR 2976 Windebank / Crumpton GRP   10-Oct-84 Trial and Error
 or Ffruto del Mar
  2977 Windebank GRP   27-Apr-85 Fleurie    
  GBR 2978 Windebank GRP   12-Apr-85 Ruddy Apprentice 2nd GBR ’85
1st GBR Sthns ’85
1st GBR Nthns ’85
  GBR 2979 Amos Composite   26-Mar-85 Ffracas    
  GBR 2980 Windebank FRP Mk IV 4-May-85 Sea Harrier 1st GBR Classic ’97  
  2981 Wyche & Coppock GRP   25-Feb-85      
  GBR 2982 Windebank GRP   21-Apr-85 Dusty 2
 or Fluffy
 or Bit of Fluff
2nd GBR Sthns ’87  
  GBR 2983 Windebank / Dobson Composite   13-Apr-85 Aggro 3rd GBR Sthns ’85
3rd GBR Nthns ’85
1st IRL ’85
2nd GBR ’86
3rd GBR Nthns ’86
1st Scots ’86
  GBR 2984 Windebank / Dobson Composite   24-Apr-85 Plakataka
 or Ffireblade
GBR Owners cup ‘04
1st GBR Silver '04
  GBR 2985 Naylor GRP   2-May-85 Indian’s Head
 or Ashway Gap
  GBR 2986 Naylor Composite   26-Apr-85 Flare    
  GBR 2987 Trenoweth Composite Kevlar / Carbon Fibre   29-Apr-85 Ffianchetto
 or Ffat Boyz Slim
  GBR 2988 Porter Bros GRP Mk IV 7-May-85 Le Ffrisson Deux
 or Ffelix
  GBR 2989 Trenowth GRP   4-May-85 Flashdance 2nd GBR Sthns ’87  
  GBR 2990 Amos Hitech Composite   25-May-85 Offspring    
  IRL 2991 Windebank   Mk IV   Colonel Mustard
 or Traveller
  GBR 2992 Windebank GRP   23-May-85 Fruit Cake    
  GBR 2993 Windebank GRP   5-Jun-85 Super Geordie    
  GBR 2994 Trenoweth Composite Mk IV 16-Aug-85 Feeling Frisky    
  GBR 2995 Windebank GRP   3-Jul-85 The White Knight
 or Billy the Fish
 or Ffolen Wlyb
 or Antidote
  GBR 2997 Windebank / Amos Composite   25-Sep-85 Northern Star 2nd Scots ’86  
  GBR 2998 Windebank / Skipworth GRP   25-Aug-85 Ffrantic Pound
 or Ffrantic
2nd Aus ’87  
  GBR 2999 Trenoweth / Abbott Composite   7-Aug-85 Fancy Affair
 or Slip Stream
1st GBR Sthns ’87  
  GBR 3000 Windebank / Dobson Composite   1-Aug-85 Pipsqueak
 or Callipygous
3rd GBR Nthns Silver '04  

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