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Boat Register

The information in our boat register listings is on a best endeavours basis. 

If you have any information to add to the register, then please let Ray Sebo know. FFI are particularly interested in building up the details of the non-British Isles boats.

The national letters with the sail number are those for what is thought to be the country in which the boat was first sailed. If the boat is known to have moved to another county, that is shown in the comments column. In some cases this country is not known, or the country does not have a set of national letters (in which case the country appears in the comments column). When the country has changed its name, the countries current name is used.

The year given for championship successes for those countries that sail in the southern hemisphere season refers to the year in which that season started, e.g. 1996 would be for the 1996-7 season.

Other information available is;