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European Championship Registration open
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European Championship Registration open

All you need to know about registering

The NOR for the 2024 Europeans is now available at:

Entries to be completed at 

Entering the event - a guide

Our crash test dummy had issues when trying to enter on Friday 1st March so here is what you need to know about documents to be provided;

1. "Certificate of Membership" - No longer a requirement for non-French sailors. It can be either the measurement certificate or the F15 Association membership card. As in the UK we may not have had our 2024 membership cards yet, then the former will do.

2. "World sailing Membership proof" - All sailors (helms and crews) are requested to apply for a free World Sailing memership number and use that. A previous news item did cover this and you can do this now at the World Sailing website. This will be required in future for National and World championship events. We are seeking clarification as the exact mechanism to be adopted here as World Sailing issue a number not a certificate, but the entry form asks for a document.

3. "Medical Certificate" - Breaking news at 15th March: This is not now required for non-French sailors. this one has been questioned many times but it appears that all sailors (helm & crew) will need to present a Medical Certificate dated less than one year, mentioning the absence of any medical objection to participate in sailing competition  (NoR 4.5). Yes, we know this is not required in the UK and Ireland but the French sailing association is demanding it. We have looked at translating the French Sailing document but that is too specific. In essence what you want is a form signed (and stamped? That is what the French do) by your GP saying you (crew and helm) are fit to sail.

4. "Passport" - a copy of the pages bearing passport number and name and photograph is needed (helm & crew) – the Ecole Navale is military grounds and full identity is requested to be admitted ; this will allow participants names to be on the admision list for the prizegiving. This incudes non-sailing members of your party.

5. "Civil Liability Certificate" - For us in the UK it is assumed that the Third Party Liability section of our Boating insurance covers this.

As it doesn’t clearly appear in the entry process,  for security reasons, on top of the usual security items, competitiors will be requested to have a VHF radio on board. NoR 4.2 states "Except for MiniJ, Birdyfish and Waszp, each boat shall be equipped with a VHF in working order". Amazon as usual can deliver.

If anyone meets a substantial problem registering, they can use the [email protected] address indicated at the bottom of the main pages, and that it works, they’re most likely to receive a fast reply. They can write in English, they will be replied the same, and if necessary they can also ask to be phoned, the GPEN team will be happy to call them back and speak in English.

For minor questions email [email protected]

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