Uffa Fox Medal awarded to Greg Wells

Greg Wells
The Flying Fifteen International Council awarded Greg Wells with an Uffa Fox Medal for outstanding contributions to the class.

Greg has been sailing Flying Fifteens since he was a boy and spent time in Australia in the 1970’s where he invariably crewed with Nigel Peck – also an Uffa Fox Medalist.

Since returning to the United Kingdom Greg has regularly sailed Flying Fifteens having competed in 15 of the 20 World Championships held so far.

Greg has been Commodore for 2 terms and promoted the class in Europe and the now the successful European Championship.

At the recent World Championship in France Greg successfully sailing his boat Agatha, coming 3rd with crew Richard Rigg.

GBR 4004 Win World Championship

Graham Vials and Chris Turner win the 2015 Flying Fifteen World Championship!

Photo by Andy Weatherspoon.


The Flying 15 fleet have held their first ever World Championships in France. This event attracted 72 entries from across the Flying 15 world with teams representing Australia, Belgium, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Ireland and of course France itself.

The event was won for the third time in a row by the team of Graham Vials and Chris Turner from Royal Lymington Yacht Club with 4 firsts, a second and a sixth (with one discard) beating the nearest contenders Jeremy Davy and Martin Huett from Draycote Water Sailing Club by 8 points.

The first non-British team in 18th place was Philippa Packer and Dean McAullay from the Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club in Perth, Western Australia. Philippa was also the first female (and female helm) in the event.

The French home team dominated the Silver Fleet results with their champion of the event being Christian Hardy and Thomas Camus of the Yachting Club du Pays de Fontainbleau south of Paris. Read more…