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Nick and Janet Jerwood fast reaching

Welcome to Flying Fifteen International. We believe you have an interest in sailing, we would like you to consider sailing a Flying Fifteen.

  • The Flying Fifteen is a 2 person racing yacht

  • It has a keel which makes it easier to sail than a racing dinghy and less likely to send you swimming

  • It only needs 2 people to sail, several crews are husband & wife teams. (see photo)

  • The Flying Fifteen is an International Class recognised by World Sailing.

National events are organised by the various National Associations, while World and European Championships are organised by Flying Fifteen International (FFI).

If you would like to trial sail a Flying Fifteen please contact:

In New Zealand

Sally Garrett

+64 2185 5612

Email: Sally

In Victoria

David Williamson

+61 419 307 453

Email: David

In Western Australia

David Yu

+61 417 905 328;

Email: David

The most fun you can have with a keel on!